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Jack Daniel’s single barrel select – 45% ABV

Overall rating: 4/5

The Jack Daniel's distillery, the very first in the United States, was officially established in 1866, two years after Jasper 'Jack' Newton Daniel learned the art of whiskey-making from a reverend and a slave. Attention to detail and an insistence on doing the hard work in-house has made Jack Daniel’s the distillery it is today. Charcoal is made there for use in filtration – huge fires are set on already scorching summer days, and the whiskey is then filtered, drop by drop, through 10 feet of hard sugar maple charcoal.

Aside from the work in the distillery, the brand’s place in popular culture has also been crucial to the company’s success. Throughout the 20th century Jack Daniel's became synonymous with musicians of various genres, from the wild haired punk rockers to dapper dans like Frank Sinatra.

The nose of this single barrel select whiskey is typical of Tennessee whisky – it's full-bodied, sweet and promises plenty of indulgent golden syrup notes on the palate. Your tongue is flooded with corn and caramelised sugar, honey and baking spices.

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The perfect gift for...

...the musician or the casual drinker. There is always somebody that insists on drinking Jack and Coke on every night out, and this bottle will have them weaning off the mixer slowly but surely as it opens their eyes to the wonderful world of whisky. This is a good starter whiskey that can be enjoyed over the rocks to ease new drinkers into the hobby.

For musicians, you can nearly always dig out a photo of their favourite artist with a bottle of Jack Daniel's on stage – if it was good enough for Sinatra, it's good enough for them.

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