• sleek all-rounder, four blades, minces meat, large bowl


  • dual blades tricky to affix and take apart, could be too large for smaller households

Homgeek food chopper summary

This efficient model is able to chop, blend, purée, mix and even mince in no time, with each task taking no longer than around 10 seconds.


It comes with a large, 1.8-litre capacity bowl, in either stainless steel or glass. It has the largest bowl of all of the mini choppers we tested, but equally was one of the most lightweight (we tested the metallic bowl). The stainless steel power unit is relatively heavy, but of a similar weight to similarly-designed models.

We particularly enjoyed the fact that the bowl comes with a lid, meaning you can store your ingredients in the fridge for later use, without needing to decant them into another container.

The mini chopper is also BPA-free, so one to consider if your appliance’s environmental footstep is a driving factor in your purchase.

Available from Amazon (£21.99)

How does the Homgeek food chopper work?

The chopper has two speed settings, both operated by the simple touch of a button at the top of the power unit. The lower setting can be used for softer ingredients, such as garlic, pepper and onion, while the second speed is designed to take on tougher ingredients such as meat, beans and nuts.

It’s incredibly efficient; onion and breadcrumbs were whizzed up in under 10 seconds, and it was impressively quiet to operate given the motor’s 300W power.

Parsley was equally blitzed in seconds, but because of the power, it did fling the stalks to the side of the bowl, so we found it was more successful with consistently chopping parsley when we used a larger amount. Again, it made a paste best when large quantities were used – in some respects it may actually be too big and powerful if you’re only looking to make small quantities.

It locks into place neatly and efficiently thanks to its ‘plum face interlock’. We also found we spent less time trying to fix it into place than with other models; the power unit and blade top slotted into place as soon as they met.

Unlike other mini choppers we tested, this comes with a bi-lever blade, meaning there are four individual blades working hard to blitz your ingredients, unlike the majority of the models we tested, which had just two blades. The downside is that they can be tricky to affix/prise apart, so do watch out for your fingers as they are very sharp.

The model also comes with a rubber ring, for resting the bowl on, to prevent slipping when operating.

What else can the Homgeek food chopper be used for?

On top of mixing ingredients such as garlic, pepper, carrot and parsley, it can also grind meat such as pork or beef, making it a great option if you like to make homemade burgers or mince. Given its advanced mincing and grinding capabilities, we feel the model would have benefited from coming with an additional recipe booklet, or a spatula to scrape the sides with.

We found it straightforward to wash – aside from taking the blade apart which was tricky due to the sharpness – and the bowl is conveniently able to go in the dishwasher.

This is definitely one for large families, batch cooking or professional use. Its four blades, 1.8-litre capacity bowl and 300W setting makes it extremely efficient, but it may be too large and industrial for some home cooks. That said, given its price tag, it is an affordable option given its power and capabilities, even if you only use it once in a while.

Available from Amazon (£21.99)

Homgeek Food Chopper specifications
Components: 1.8l capacity stainless steel bowl and plastic lid, stainless steel power unit, four blades blades
Dimensions: 21.8 x 19.6 x 18.5cm
Speed settings: two-speed control
Motor: 300W
Colours: stainless steel or glass bowl

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