• super lightweight, four sucker feet for stability, dishwasher safe 5-litre stainless steel bowl, whisk attachment, dough hook, flat beater, splatter guard and chute


  • plastic outer, noisy

Haden 5-litre stand mixer summary

Despite its plastic outer, the Haden stand mixer still has the classic stand mixer styling, with a head-lift interlock and dial speed controls.


Its 5-litre stainless steel bowl, whisk, dough hook and beater are all dishwasher-safe so require minimal fuss if you're knocking together a quick bake. Plus it's noticeably lightweight at just 5.2kg so is easy to pack away into a cupboard for storage.

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How easy is it to use the Haden 5-litre stand mixer?

Because it's so lightweight, the mixer has four large sucker feet to keep it cemented onto the countertop and they're comically effective, making it tricky to prise off by simply lifting. However, you're grateful for the strength because the 800W motor offers plenty of oomph.

The bowl is a simple twist-to-load affair, indicated by an arrow and lock icon. It's easiest to do this with the lever head lifted, which releases on the right by a button. The plastic lever mechanism is exposed at this stage so if kids are involved in the process, check that little fingers aren't in the way before releasing it to lower again.

Attachment quality is an area where many more-affordable stand mixers forfeit but that's not the case with the Haden. Its whisk is large and notably robust. The beater and the dough hook both have a non-stick coating and all have a plastic skirt above to protect the connection from sticky mixture.


With each function there was a slight wobble. This is simply down to the resistance of the ingredients vs the motor power, particularly with higher speeds. On the highest speed setting, we whisked egg whites for chocolate peanut pavlova into stiff peaks in just over two minutes which was incredibly efficient.

The wobble increased with the dough hook, which also needed some help with collecting all the flour, requiring the odd scrape with a silicone spatula. However, we achieved a good prove with the Chelsea buns, which were light and soft when baked. The lemon and orange cake were also well-mixed.

You certainly notice the noise this one creates at higher speeds. If you have an open-plan kitchen and living area, noisy appliances are particularly noticeable. However, no stand mixers are silent. The finished bakes were exactly how you'd hope thanks to being well-mixed.


At £120, the Haden is great value for money if you're after the classic mixer look and a practical size. For the price, you obviously forfeit some useful additions like integrated scales or a timer, but it's robust without being hefty which means it powers through basic kitchen tasks easily, and is moveable. Dishwasher-safe attachments are an added extra.

Haden 5-litre stand mixer specifications

Serial number: SKU 197405
Wattage: 800W
Product weight: 5.2kg
Speed settings/pulse functions: 7
Dimensions: 22.6 x 34.5 x 33.7cm
Functions: includes whisk, dough hook, beater, splatter guard
Capacity of bowl: 5-litre stainless steel bowl

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