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El Gobernador pisco review


Have you tried pisco yet? This distinctive South American brandy made in Peru and Chile from fermented grape juice is a taste explosion, famously used in a pisco sour cocktail. Read our review of El Gobernador. 

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El Gobernador Pisco – 40% ABV

Star rating: 4.5/5

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El Gobernador (‘The Governor’) is one of the most common piscos you'll find in UK bars and restaurants which stock the spirit. That’s partly because it is more affordable, yet is still a good quality.

The Governor, incidentally, was Felipe Margutt Donaire, the governor of Ovalle province, who helped Chile fight for its independence from Spain in the 10th century and whose story is told on the bottle.

Ovalle is where the pisco is produced, in an operation run by Miguel Torres, who is from the Spanish Torres family whose wines and brandies might be familiar to UK shoppers.

The pisco is crystal clear and a 50/50 blend of two muscat grape varieties, the Rosé and the Alexandria. It’s aged for a year in stainless steel vats.

The result on the nose is a light and grassy scent, reminiscent of a country meadow on a sunny day, with touches of freshly-cut grass and the scent of flowers, like roses.

On the palate it’s a little rougher, and thinner than some piscos, but still enjoyable with lime and other citrus coming through, alongside those floral flavours, and a creamy vanilla sweetness. At a lower price point than most, this would be a good one for anyone curious to try pisco for the first time.

The perfect pour

Because of its fruitiness, a good way to enjoy El Gobernador would be poured over a fresh fruit dessert.

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