hot cross buns, Simnel cake and chicks

Easter Taste Awards 2020 results

We blind-tasted over 60 supermarket products to bring you the very best chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and simnel cake for Easter 2020.

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Over four days, our expert judging panel taste tasted more than 60 products from 10 national supermarkets to bring you our definitive list of top buys for Easter 2020. From chocolate eggs of all shapes and sizes to simnel cake and the all-important hot cross buns, we’ve rounded up the ultimate shopping list. Read on to find out which products passed our test. 

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Please note that some of these products are only available to buy in store and not online.

behind the scenes shot of someone smashing a white chocolate egg

The best supermarket chocolate Easter eggs 2020

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Best milk chocolate Easter egg

M&S Fudgy Easter Sundae, £10, M&S

This milk chocolate egg tastes high-quality and creamy but it’s the fun, splat-design topping that really makes it a winner – made from caramelised white chocolate, dark chocolate, plus biscuit balls, pretzels and mini fudge pieces, it’s the perfect balance of sweet, salty, crunchy and soft. Buy in-store from M&S (£10).

Best dark chocolate Easter egg

Sainsbury’s Cocoa et Co Single Origin dark chocolate Tear Drop 

For anyone who loves dark chocolate, this luxe-looking tear-drop-shaped egg ticks all the boxes. The chocolate tastes high quality, with a rich, intense and slightly bitter flavour and smooth, creamy texture. Buy online from Sainsbury’s (£10).

Best white chocolate Easter egg

Aldi Moser Roth hand decorated white chocolate ripple egg with truffles 

Our judges liked this creamy white chocolate egg for its stand-out design, sweet flavour and the thinness of the chocolate (very smashable!), but felt the accompanying truffles were excessively sweet. Buy in-store from Aldi (£4.99).

Best free-from chocolate Easter egg 

ASDA Extra Special Free From egg with vanilla flavoured chocolate truffles

This was the best product in an overall fairly disappointing category. Free from gluten, eggs and milk, the egg had the best chocolate of those we tried, with a good mouthfeel. The judges liked the addition of cocoa nibs, which give a richer flavour and nice extra texture, however most found the accompanying truffles to too sugary. Buy online from ASDA (£5).


Best kids’ chocolate Easter egg 

Tesco Doug The Dinosaur milk chocolate figure 

A resounding winner, our judges couldn’t get enough of this cute, dinosaur-shaped chocolate figure with universal appeal. The quality of the milk chocolate is great – silky smooth, sweet but not sickly and with just the right thickness. Buy online from Tesco (£3.50).

mini eggs in foil with gold chick on pink background

Best miniature eggs

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Swiss milk chocolate eggs 

Our panel loved the satisfying, melt-in-mouth texture of these moreish mini eggs. The creamy, milk chocolate tastes high quality, with a good mouthfeel and slightly nutty flavour. Buy online from Sainsbury’s (£2)

hot cross buns testing shot

The best supermarket hot cross buns 2020

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Best traditional hot cross buns 

M&S luxury hot cross buns

These hugely popular hot cross buns have got it all: a soft, moist dough, good level of spicing and plenty of plump, juicy fruit; a neat, well defined cross and just the right amount of glaze (not dry, yet not too sticky). Buy in-store from M&S (£1.50).

Best gluten-free hot cross buns 

M&S Made Without hot cross buns 

These evenly sized buns were praised for their open bread texture, perfect amount and distribution of fruit and slightly molasses-like taste. As is often the case with gluten-free products, they have a very slightly dusty texture, but much less so than others tried. Buy in-store from M&S (£2).

Best flavoured hot cross buns 

Tesco Finest chocolate & salted caramel hot cross buns

Not a fan of dried fruit? These brioche-style buns have a light, buttery, enriched dough, studded with dark chocolate chips and pockets of melting caramel instead. Buy online from Tesco (£1.50).

Best simnel cake

M&S simnel cake 

A good size and beautifully decorated, we’d be proud to serve this to guests. The cake itself is moist, dense and rich with a caramel flavour, good spicing and lots of fruit, while the marzipan is thick but not dry, and well-flavoured. Buy in-store from M&S (£12).

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