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Deglon Sabatier C003 cook’s knife (15cm)

Pros: good value, very lightweight, versatile, easy-to-hone, dishwasher-safe, familiar design
Cons: less durable edge, short strokes

Star ratings: 4/5

Available from:
Nisbets (£34.99)
Amazon (£36.14)

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One for traditionalists thanks to its old-world style French blade, this knife is lightweight with manoeuvrable feel.

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Sturdy with a natural curve and distinct pointed tip, it's perhaps a touch front-heavy when it comes to balance. The traditional straight, gently tapered blade provides an easy rocking action, though it's a touch flat at the heel, so favours long full strokes with downward chopping being more of an effort.

Across our many tests it truly impressed, performing consistently in all areas and acing the standard-bearing “paper test” – slicing through a sheet of paper as though it were butter.

For those who have always used this very classic style of knife – and perhaps one of the many brands under the Sabatier umbrella – the Delgon will provide confidence and first-class precision.

It comes with a dishwasher-safe handle and stainless steel blade, as well as an adaptable and recoverable burr (it does blunt a little easily but can easily be brought back with sharpening).

If you're after something familiar for a small investment, this everyday knife is the one for you.

Star ratings
Comfort & versatility
: 3.5/5
Sharpness & durability: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5
Overall rating: 4/5

Available from:
Nisbets (£34.99)
Amazon (£36.14)

Weight: 170-180g
Length: 31cm (20-20.5cm blade)
Materials: stainless steel, aluminium riveted black thermoplastic handle
Dishwasher-safe: yes

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