Copalli white rum (42% ABV) summary

Rainforest rum from a picturesque landscape in Belize. As clean and tasty as they come, this eco-friendly rum draws inspiration from ancient local traditions. An incredibly fresh rum with grassy notes and hints of mint and citrus in the background – it's the perfect choice for a mojito.


What's the story behind Copalli white rum?

Copalli rum is produced in the heart of the Belize rainforest. The distillery is located on the same clearing as the Copal Tree Lodge, a luxury eco-farm hideaway. They're separate entities, but the two have a close working relationship.

The rainforest plays a central role in the rum’s story and production. The name 'Copalli' is derived from the copal tree and the resin it produces, also called copal. This resin has a sacred place in some Central American communities, as it's used as incense in traditional ceremonies. The distillery draws on the connection between Copalli being a spirit and the spiritual use of the copal tree’s sap.

After the white rum has rested for between four and six months, it's blended to bottling strength with canopy water collected from the rainforest. Given the remote location of the distillery, the factory relies on local materials. The bagasse (dry fibres leftover after crushing sugarcane), for example, is used to power the boiler.

How is Copalli rum made?

The distillery’s white rum expression is a blend of column and pot still rums that's aged in stainless steel tanks. The blend of distillates provides a more complex flavour profile – continuous column still distillation is more efficient and offers higher proof alcohol, but pot stills lend a more nuanced palate.

What does Copalli white rum taste like?

Copalli white rum is as delicious over ice as it is in a cocktail. There's a fresh, earthy character that provides the spine of the palate, and a grassy note met by fresh citrus and hints of mint.

The earthy, citrussy and minty notes of Copalli make it ideal for mojitos. Combine 1 tsp sugar, a generous squeeze of lime juice and a small handful of mint leaves in a tall glass. Muddle everything together before adding crushed ice and 50ml Copalli rum. Top with soda water and garnish with mint leaves.

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