Struggling to find the perfect beer gift for a loved one? For the real ale or craft beer fan in your life, there are plenty of presents to choose from as the popularity of artisan brews continues to surge.


In this selection we’ve highlighted some of our favourite bottles, but we also recommend hampers that combine top brews with cheese, chocolate and more. Plus, we have gadgets and some high-end gifts for the hardcore beer fanatic.

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13 best beer gifts to buy in 2024

  • Best beer hamper: Pale Ale/ IPA craft beer gift hamper, £36.95
  • Best luxury beer gift: Krups – The Sub Compact, £250
  • Best novelty beer gift: Beer Foaming Stones, £38
  • Best gift for a sweet tooth: Cutter & Squidge Cookies and Beer gift, £24.99
  • Best game for beer lovers: Brew-opoly board game, £19.99
  • Best beer gift for foodies: Hunter – The Beer Edition, £55
  • Best simple beer gift: Dartington Crystal Beer Glass Gift Set, £21.99
  • Best beer art: Brewing beer patent print, £32.37
  • Best summer gift: Host 10009 Cooling Cups, set of two, £29.99
  • Best beer book: Brew From Scratch by James Morton, £12
  • Best for quiz fans: The Staying Inn gift set, 6 x 330ml bottles, £25.49
  • Best unique beer: ‘Eko Black’ porter by Eko Brewery 5% ABV, £31

13 best beer gifts to buy 2024

Pale Ale/ IPA craft beer gift hamper

Pale Ale IPA craft beer gift hamper

Best beer hamper

Promoting independent, local breweries one beer box at a time, Qwerty’s illustrated gift hamper selection box comes with five handpicked craft beers from independent breweries all over the southwest of England. It makes a great gift with a half-pint glass and salt-crusted peanuts from a Somerset based family business enclosed. A unique aspect is the personal score card for you to rate the beers – either forward it to their social media account so your preferences are considered in your next box or get your family and friends involved to see which beer reigns.

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Krups – The Sub Compact

black keg

Best luxury beer gift

With a slim and minimal design, this beer keg is an extravagant yet lowkey gift. Just add a sub 2 litre keg of your choosing and follow the helpful video on the website to get the freshest and tastiest brews. Perfect for the beer lover who loves to host a party. For more like this, check out our full review of the best beer dispensers.

Beer Foaming Stones

beer glass filled with pale beer and foam with two beer stones and a pouch

Best novelty beer gift

For the tap beer experience at home, give one of these beer stones a try. Once you place one of them in a pint glass, bubbles will gather around it as you fill the glass from your can or bottle. The active carbonation not only helps you get a thick, foamy bubbles that will last until you finish your drink, it also elevates the beer's flavour and aroma while reducing acidity. Plus, you can add them from the fridge to cool your beer down further. These stones come in a set of two.

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Cutter & Squidge Cookies and Beer gift

three beers, four cookies stacked and orange box

Best gift for a sweet tooth

Featuring chunky cookies in a variety of flavours that pair well with the three beers included: Small Beer's Original Lager, Mondo's Dennis Hopp'r and Toast Ale's American Pale Ale. This gift is perfect for any sweet tooth with a penchant for beer.

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Brew-opoly board game

Brewopoly game

Best game for beer lovers

The ultimate way to test your beer knowledge. This quirky board game replaces your classic Monopoly with beer-themed challenges, questions and the opportunity to buy breweries instead of London streets. Play with 2-6 players for a great way to spend an afternoon on Christmas Day.

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Hunter – The Beer Edition

array of beers, cheeses and charcuterie with box in the corner

Best beer gift for foodies

Carefully curated, this box comes with a Lager, IPA and a Pale Ale all matched with strong cheeses that elevate each other's flavours perfectly. This box is a great option for a twist on a wine and cheese night for the beer lover. Also included in this feast box is three types of spicy Calabrian charcuterie, plus crackers and a thyme-infused honey to drizzle on your cheese. Plus, there is a booklet of information which contains tasting and pairing notes and a QR code to scan and find out where each of the products have come from and how they were produced.

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Dartington Crystal Beer Glass Gift Set

three glasses

Best simple beer gift

Perfect for those who are just starting to take their beer drinking more seriously. This set of three beer glasses contains a larger, ale and 'dark and strong' glass, perfect for any type of beer drinking. Plus it all comes neatly packed into a box that is easy to wrap up.

Brewing beer patent print

vintage beer poster of two kegs being filled

Best beer art

This stylish patent is perfect for hanging in a home bar. Choose from a variety of sizes and a colour palette selection that includes shades of white from parchment to old grid paper as well as blue grid and chalkboard shades.

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Host 10009 Cooling Cups, set of two

double walled glasses with green ring

Best summer gift

No more warm beers, this double walled plastic beer glass has magic freezing gel that keeps your beer cooler for longer. These glasses are also equipped with a silicone grip so your hands don't get uncomfortable and it stops the heat from your palms warming up the glass.

Brew From Scratch by James Morton

Brew from scratch book

Best beer book

James Morton's step-by-step guide (From Scratch: Brew, Slow Down, Make Beer) teaches you how to make good beer at home with customisable recipes and essential sections outlining what you need, how to bottle and how to store. With a glossary of key ingredient types and troubleshooting tips, this is the book for beer drinkers who wants to take their first steps into brewing or who are just curious about what goes into their favourite drink.

The Staying Inn gift set, 6 x 330ml bottles

Best of British Beer Staying Inn gift set

Best for quiz fans

Staffordshire beer box sellers, Best of British Beer, offer a wide range of gift sets. The Staying Inn gift set contains six 330ml bottles of British favourites. When you order online, you can personalise the name of your ‘inn’, which comes complete with beer mats and a pub quiz. Perfect to have on standby for when you've exhausted Christmas films, or as a surprise present for a friend.

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‘Eko Black’ porter by Eko Brewery 5% ABV, 12 x 330ml

Eko Black porter in a bottle

Best unique beer

A very quaffable porter from this two-year old black-owned, husband and wife team, Helena and Anthony from London. The pair were initially inspired by the American craft beer scene, and their brews lean on traditional African brewing techniques and recipes. This porter’s light smokiness makes it a perfect match with smoked or chargrilled dishes.

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