Mum's best profiteroles


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Prep: 20 mins Cook: 30 mins

More effort

Serves 6

Award-winning writer, Fiona Beckett, shares her recipe for the 1970's classic dessert

Nutrition and extra info

  • Freeze un-filled pastry

Nutrition: per serving

  • kcal564
  • fat39g
  • saturates21g
  • carbs51g
  • sugars38g
  • fibre1g
  • protein5g
  • salt0.5g


  • 50g butter (preferably unsalted), cut into cubes



    Butter is a dairy product made from separating whole milk or cream into fat and…

  • 2 tbsp caster sugar
  • 75g strong white flour, sifted with a pinch of fine sea salt
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten



    The ultimate convenience food, eggs are powerhouses of nutrition packed with protein and a…

  • 300ml double cream
  • few drops vanilla extract

For the sauce

  • 50g cocoa powder
  • 175g caster sugar


  1. Heat the oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7. To make the profiteroles, put the butter and 2 tsp of the caster sugar in a saucepan with 150ml water. Place the pan over a low heat until the butter and sugar have melted, then bring to the boil. Take off the heat, add the flour all at once and beat energetically with a wooden spoon until the dough comes away from the sides of the pan.

  2. Leave to cool for 5 mins, then beat in the eggs bit by bit until you have a stiff, glossy mixture (this process is much easier in a food processor). Rinse two baking trays with cold water, shaking off any excess so they are slightly damp (this helps the pastry to rise). Using 2 teaspoons, spoon blobs of the mixture onto the baking trays. Then place in the oven and cook for about 18-20 mins until well risen and brown. Remove the profiteroles from the oven and cut a small slit in the base of each one so they don’t collapse. Cool on a wire rack.

  3. When they’re cold, whip the cream lightly until just holding its shape. Sweeten to taste with remaining sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract. Cut the profiteroles in half, fill them with the sweetened cream and pile them up on a plate. You can refrigerate them for 1-2 hrs at this point but not for any longer as the pastry will go soggy.

  4. To make the sauce, sift the cocoa powder into a bowl. Put the sugar in a pan with 100ml water and warm over a low heat until dissolved. Bring to the boil, cook for 1 min, then pour over the cocoa powder and stir well until smooth. Return the sauce to the pan, cook for 1 min then set aside for 15 mins before drizzling over the profiteroles.

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Comments, questions and tips

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ellie lord
28th Jun, 2020
turned out great, but in the future i would only make half the amount of sauce as there was just too much left over
Lucy Johnson's picture
Lucy Johnson
16th May, 2020
Two words. Delicious, Easy.
Imogen Charles's picture
Imogen Charles
5th Apr, 2020
Very easy to make and very delicious - my family loved them! I would suggest either putting less sugar or forgoing it entirely if you are sweetening the cream or adding chocolate at the end
Barney Rubbel's picture
Barney Rubbel
4th Feb, 2020
since when did we put sugar in choux pastry? less sugar is better.
BabyGenius's picture
3rd Apr, 2020
Indeed. That’s why she used 2 tsp... or tbsp.. heh. Think you’re on to something here ;)
24th Dec, 2019
I agree with comments below. I tried the water thing, but they stuck to the tray. Will go back to using greaseproof paper in the future! Also, keep an eye on them in the oven. 18 mins was slightly too long in my oven and they were slightly over-browned.
Lucy Johnson's picture
Lucy Johnson
16th May, 2020
I splashed water on the greaseproof paper and that really helped, I reccomend doing that next time.
4th Apr, 2020
i put greaseproof paper on top of the damp tray, maybe try that next time
david atkinson's picture
david atkinson
21st Dec, 2019
i love the fact the beeb have these at hand but.. why cut the butter into dice when you are going to put it in the water and heat it up, so the butter would melt. also. it says unsalted butter then it tells you to add salt to the flour.. why not just have salted butter. another one. you dont need to put the sugar in when you make this recipe. it would make it to sweet.. especially if you sweeten the cream and use chocolate on top of the profiteroles/eclairs
Alison Neil's picture
Alison Neil
7th Apr, 2019
Great recipe and family loved the chocolate sauce, but use a non-stick baking tray or maybe greaseproof paper.


Camila Charria's picture
Camila Charria
28th Feb, 2020
Hi! When making Paris Brest would it be advisable to put a bit of moist in the oven to make the rings crispier? If not what would be the ideal temperature? Thanks!
Barney Good Food's picture
Barney Good Food
2nd Mar, 2020
For Paris Brest I would cook the choux rings at the same temperature as above. Then, rather than removing them from the oven leave them in the oven with the door slightly ajar to cool completely which will dry them out .
elainemollison's picture
25th Jul, 2019
Can the profiteroles be frozen before or after cream and chocolate sauce is added?
Barney Rubbel's picture
Barney Rubbel
4th Feb, 2020
yeah man, millions of restaurants buy them frozen with cream in. you can freeze 'as is' or fill with cream first. personally i thing theyre better to freeze plain, and put fresh cream in when defrosted for serving....
goodfoodteam's picture
26th Jul, 2019
Thanks for your question. Freeze the profiteroles before filling them. Our freezing information appears above the nutritional advice. We hope this helps in the future.
6th May, 2019
Could you pipe this pastry into eclairs??
goodfoodteam's picture
7th May, 2019
Thanks for your question. Yes, you can use this for eclairs. Cook until well risen and brown. If you would like a specific eclair recipe, we have a number on the site including this one:
3rd Nov, 2013
How many individual profiteroles is this supposed to make? Always useful to know so you know how it to make the blobs!
fried potatos's picture
fried potatos
12th Jan, 2020
Its hard to tell exactly but make sure that they are not to big when you pipe them on the tray as they really do get a lot bigger (like i did the first time i made them) they should be around about the size of a walnut when piped on the tray
shirin 1
27th Apr, 2020
I put an oven-proof bowl of water in the oven instead of wetting the tray so the pastries don't stick to the tray.
poppyalx's picture
22nd Apr, 2020
Instead of wetting the tray, use baking paper and just before they go into the oven, get a bit of water on your hand a flick the paper with water.
Imogen Charles's picture
Imogen Charles
5th Apr, 2020
Made these and agree with some of the other comments about them getting stuck so would suggest baking paper. Although if you have no baking paper a pallet knife gets them off the tray without losing any of the pastry.
fried potatos's picture
fried potatos
12th Jan, 2020
If you use a piping bag to place the pastry on the tray and there is a little spike on the top of the chou, wet your finger and gently press the spike down. This way the wet pastry will not stick to your finger. Also, beat an egg after placing the pastry on the tray and brush each profiterole with the egg wash. This will give them a lovely colour and a little shine! Remember all of thee tips are for BEFORE you put them in the oven.
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