✅ Curated by chef and family influencer Claire Thomson

✅ No more than £50 for a week's worth of dinners

✅ Approved by our registered nutritionist

✅ Serves a family of four

✅ Pre-prepared shopping list to save you time

Developed by meal planning expert Claire Thomson (@5oclockapron), our budget plan keeps costs down by using affordable ingredients, employing savvy shopping tricks and making the most of fuel-efficient cooking methods. With an emphasis on family favourites, like sausage meatball & mushroom pasta, Claire has designed a plan that offers balance and variety through the week.

Simply by adding a touch of cream to everyday staples, like beans and pulses, Claire has elevated low-cost protein options to a new level, try for yourself in our lentil curry with cream.

'Cook once but enjoy twice' is a smart way to save time and money – the extra sauce for our three bean chilli with rice & soured cream is ready to upcycle into our tasty vegetable & bean chimichanga, freeing up your time and solving a potential midweek meal dilemma.

One of the secrets of this plan is the clever use of larger, more cost-effective pack sizes for expensive ingredients like meat. Claire’s dishes like the tasty teriyaki chicken and chicken & courgette fried rice showcase just how versatile this popular meat can be. When time is short, there’s nothing better than pasta and it doesn’t get tastier than our tomato, courgette, cream & oregano pasta, providing calcium, vitamin C and fibre, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more satisfying dish.

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