Whether you’re a weekly planner or impromptu cook, you’ve long been able to shop for ingredients on bbcgoodfood.com but our new functionality now makes it easier than ever to organise your food shop. You can even view estimate prices to help you shop smarter and save money.


How does it work?

Once you’ve selected a recipe you want to cook you can send the ingredients you’ll need to a Shopping list by hitting the My Shopping list button in the Shopping tools box of the recipe page:

Shopping widget

You can also access your shopping list from the Shopping list link within the Shopping tools widget.

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Shopping basket and list buttons

You can add ingredients from multiple recipes to your shopping list and delete any ingredients you don’t need. You can then print your shopping list, or buy the ingredients online from your preferred retailer.
How do I know how much it costs?

If you have a preferred retailer you regularly shop with, you can select this from the supermarket dropdown menu in the Shopping tools box on each recipe page. This will then calculate an estimated price from your chosen retailer. You can change your retailer at any time.

Why is it only an estimate?

The calculation will be based on buying the quantities needed for the recipe. For example, the recipe may require 300g of sugar. Depending on your retailer, when you click through to buy the ingredients you may need to buy a 500g bag of sugar, or if you already have some ingredients, delete the ones you don’t need altogether. Our estimated price is the exact match for all the quantities and ingredients given in the recipe.

Supermarket options

How do I buy the ingredients online?Whether you’re buying direct from an individual recipe page or from your shopping list, click the online basket button to be taken to the retailer page of your chosen supermarket

Edit your online shop how you would normally. Please note the supermarket matches given in your basket will be the supermarket’s closest match to the stated ingredients on our site but the brands are not chosen by BBC Good Food. Please review to make sure they fit your personal preferences. When you’re done, simply checkout and have everything you need delivered straight to your door at a time most convenient to you.

Please check the t&cs of your chosen supplier before purchase.

My preferred retailer isn’t there…

We want to bring you as much choice as possible and are speaking to more retailers all the time. Let us know the retailers you’d like to see in the comments box below.

Shopping basket options

Can I save my shopping list?

Yes, you can save your shopping list by signing in with Whisk, the company that powers our shopping tools, however you cannot save your shopping list on bbcgoodfood.com in this first version of the functionality.

Alternatively, you can print your shopping list or send the ingredients to a shopping basket of your chosen online retailer.

You can print using the green Send List button on top of your shopping list.

I usually sign in to Ocado using my Facebook credentials but bbcgoodfood.com is not giving me this option, how do I sign in?

If you normally log in to Ocado with your Facebook credentials you will need to go into your Ocado Account settings and create an Ocado password. This will not stop you from logging in with Facebook when visiting Ocado, but gives you the option to log in with Ocado credentials when using bbcgoodfood.com's shopping basket.


If you have any other questions about Shopping Lists please get in touch at goodfoodwebsite@bbc.com.

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