Ketjap manis

Ketjap manis/Kecap manis

| kuh-chop mah-nees |

This Indonesian condiment is sweeter and thicker than soy sauce. Find out where to buy it and our top tips to incorporate it into your cooking.

What is ketjap manis?

Originating in Indonesia, ketjap manis is a condiment similar to soy sauce but sweeter, with a thick, syrupy texture. Sometimes referred to as Indonesian ketchup, it’s made with palm sugar and spices for an intense flavour.


How to cook ketjap manis

It’s delicious in Asian cuisine; ramens, soups and curries, and can be added to stir-fries or used to marinate meat, fish or vegetables.

How to store ketjap manis

Store in a cool, dry place.


Where to buy ketjap manis

Although it sounds quite exotic, you should be able to find it in larger supermarkets or online.