What are gurnards?

A lean, firm, white-fleshed, prehistoric looking fish found in the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans. Gurnards live on the seabed and use their fins to find the crab, fish and shrimps that live in the sediment.

Choose the best gurnards

Gurnards are rather bony and lacking in flavour so are usually quite cheap from fishmongers. Ask your fishmonger to remove the spiky fins and the skin and, as with all fish, look for clear eyes and bright orange skin, and try to buy from a sustainable source.

How to prepare gurnards

Use the fish head to make a fantastic stock.

How to store gurnards

Wrap gurnard in foil in the fridge.

How to cook gurnards

Gurnards are rather bland in flavour but are best used in soups and stock or stuffed with herbs and vegetables such as mushroom and onion.

Alternatives to gurnards

Try red mullet.