Christmas gifts

The best Christmas gifts, homemade hampers and festive projects for kids.

Nothing says Christmas like the sweet aroma of sugar and spice and a stack of homemade gifts. Making your own presents is fun and can save you money, plus you're bound to pick up extra brownie points. Happy cooking!

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Christmas gift recipes

We've got gift ideas to suit every taste, from savoury sensations to delicious sweet treats.

How to make a last minute Christmas hamper

Have you left your present buying until the last minute? Try our simple homemade edible treats.

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Top Tip

Crepe paper and shredded paper work well to line the bottom of a hamper - you can find these materials from most art shops - or if you have a shredder try processing a few sheets of coloured paper to make your own. Add some glamour by mixing in sequins and glitter for a festive feel - or why not try experimenting with different materials like uncoated popcorn.