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Celebrity chefs explain why they love the BBC Good Food brand...


We turned 25 this year, and as part of our birthday celebrations we filmed some of our favourite chefs talking about food. We also wanted to know why people visit our site, read our magazine, visit our events and download our apps, so in this video we asked them "why do you #gotogoodfood?" We loved hearing how much chefs like Raymond Blanc, Mary Berry and Marcus Wareing like our recipes and cooking tips, and we'd like to hear from you too - why do you go to BBC Good Food? 

We asked our fans on social media too. Here are some of the top answers... 

Why you love BBC Good Food...

Helen Huxley: 
"Good Food to me is a friend for life, with its help I'm a better wife!
I always know what foods are in season, and how to cook them that's a very good reason.
There are economy dishes and cheap to make, and everything you need when you want to bake. 
My dinner parties are something to behold, when my guests ask for my tips "it's BBC" I get them told.
I've read the mag and been to the shows, how many times I've used the website goodness knows!
I #gotogoodfood for inspiration, so here's to you in celebration."

Mary Lewis:
I like to discover new recipes, ingredients and ideas, particularly seasonal ones in the magazine. The tried and tested recipes - with reviews and suggestions from normal people are really useful, especially online as I can shop from a list on my mobile phone.

Vicki Milner: 
"Good Food for me is a life saver, it's great to check out old faves, be inspired to try new things and help with the storecupboard left overs. We use the website at least once a week the recipes are quick and easy to follow. When I get chance to buy a magazine I love having the chance to relax and be excited with new things to try."

Lynn Frizzell: 
"BBC Good Food was my rock when I studied to be a chef. Most of my head chef recipes came from there - reliable recipes tried and tested..well done."

Bracken Jelier: 
"For some inexplicable reason, despite my forward planning, I always end up with an odd selection in the fridge at the end of the week. BBC Good Food has a great way of helping me to bring them all together to provide an edible meal - you haven't been stumped yet!" 

Jodie Beard: 
"It is my website of choice as I know it is reliable. Whatever the occasion there are recipes already tested and rated. Expert chefs giving advice and tips. The shows display this on a grand scale with delicious tasters and there is nothing like seeing your fav chefs in person cooking scrummy meals. The website brings all of this together, a world of food in one place."

Jo Lilley: 
"I got hooked on the BBC Good Food magazine when I lived in the Falkland Islands. Very limited internet useage so I couldn't search for online recipes, limited recipe books to buy, no takeaways and supermarket convenience food cost the earth. So I was forced to learn to cook from scratch, with a somewhat limited range of foods. Although your magazine price had a hefty few pounds added on to cover the cost of the shop shipping it over it was a godsend. I've continued to buy your magazine, and even shipped my three years worth of magazines back to the UK when we returned."

Clemma Tagg: 
"When I go on holiday, I #gotogoodfood to find out about the food in the country or region which I am going to. The Travel section is fantastic for this and gives information on the top 10 foods to try there as well as the recipes to make them so you can try them again when you get home and get a little reminder of your holiday!"

Natalie Stewart: 
"Whether I am looking for an easy dinner or an elaborate meal for family and friends, I know I can rely on BBC Good Food to find me the perfect recipe. I'm getting married next year so have been reading up on what to eat to get fabulous skin and healthy hair."

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Why do you come to BBC Good Food? We'd love to hear from you below...

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