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What meal are you most proud of making?


As part of our 25th birthday celebrations, celebrity chefs share their finest culinary moment...

When we turned 25 this year, we filmed a series of videos with famous chefs in which they shared their foodie secrets and memories. In this one, we asked them about the meal they're most proud of. They came up with some great answers - some of them were even inspired by 


We'd like to hear about your crowning kitchen moment - what recipe are you most proud of? We asked our fans on social media too. You can read some of the best answers below... 

The meal you're most proud of making...

Stephy Dewar: 
"Making duck with orange sauce, when camping with my husband and two daughters, in a tent. All I had was a two ring burner with a small grill under it. Producing duck a l'orange with new potatoes, fine green beans and sweetcorn had to be a masterpiece of juggling."

Cat Stringer: 
"My caramel slice based on a New Zealand recipe which uses desiccated coconut in the biscuit base. I adapt it by adding salted peanuts to the caramel layer before smothering over the dark chocolate topping - my family love it and I feel proud when people asked me to make more!"

Jodie Beard: 
"My husband’s walnut whip-shaped birthday cake filled with marshmallow fluff and covered in chocolate. As walnut whip is his favourite chocolate it seemed only fitting to make a giant version. He loved it and it was a great surprise."

Clemma Tagg:
"I'm most proud of my ginger tart. I used to make treacle tart regularly and everyone really enjoyed it but after a while I started to think of how I could adapt it to make it even more special. Now, instead of using bread in the filling, I use crumbled Jamaica Ginger Cake. I then substitute half of the golden syrup with the syrup from ginger in jars and lime instead of lemon in the filling to give it a real Jamaica flavour. I serve it with a twist of lime and some crème fraiche to complement the sweetness of the tart. Everyone seems to love it and I know I do!"

Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops: 
"10 years ago I was visiting my now husband in Canada and on my last night I knew I wanted to really impress him so I made my pan-fried duck breasts with red wine sauce. He loved it and clearly it sealed the deal because the next day before I left he asked me to move to Canada to live with him! It's still a firm favourite in our house and whenever there is a special celebration I always make it. Better still, he has now made it for me for my birthday!" 

Michelle Johnson: 
"Our sausage and bean hot pot with loads of vegetables chucked in, steaming hot with a large slice of homemade crusty bread. All the more made perfect by my 9 year old son loving cooking and being a perfect helping hand, nothing better than sitting enjoying dinner knowing together we have both made it, not only that but seeing how proud he is of knowing he made something delicious."

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What dish left you glowing with pride? We'd love to hear your stories... 

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