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BBC Good Food’s web push notifications explained


Read about how to enable or deactivate web push notifications from BBC Good Food.

What is a web push notification?

A web push notification is a small pop-up alert that is sent to your browser. A notification from will alert you to content that we think you will enjoy reading, and could appear even if you’re not currently browsing the website.


By clicking on a web notification, you will be taken to some content on the website we think you'll find interesting. Alternatively, you can simply dismiss the message by clicking the ‘x’ button.

Why am I receiving web notifications?

If you are receiving web push notifications from, this means that you have actively opted in to alerts during one of your visits to our website.

How do I manage/switch off web push notifications?

The settings for web notifications vary slightly by browser, but they are all easy to amend. Select your browser from the list below to manage your notification settings. If you have any questions regarding this process, please email 

How to manage web notifications for Chrome

How to manage web notifications for Firefox

How to manage web notifications for Opera


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