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How to make hot cross buns


Learn how to make the ultimate Easter treat from scratch as we show you how to create perfect, fruity buns with piped crosses and a shiny glaze.

  • Kneading will take around 10 mins by hand, or five in a table-top mixer. The dough should feel stretchy and bouncy when it's ready. 
  • The dough will rise much better without the fruit, so only add this after the first rise. 
  • It's easier to evenly distribute the fruit if you roll the dough into a rectangle, scatter over the dried fruit, then roll it up and cut it into equal portions. To make sure the buns are evenly sized, weigh the dough then divide the weight by 12. Weigh each bun accordingly.
  • Shape the buns into smooth balls by tucking the dough into a central point, then turn the buns over so the smoothest surface is on top. 
  • Leave a gap between the buns on the baking tray. They will touch as they prove and bake. 
  • Make sure the flour paste for the crosses isn't too runny. You want it thick enough to stay in a straight line on top of the buns.

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Make sure the warmed milk and butter has cooled before adding it to the yeast. If it's too hot, it will kill the yeast. The milk and butter mix should feel warm enough for you to comfortably hold a finger in it. 

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