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How to line a cake tin

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How to line a round tin so your cake doesn't stick.

Points to remember

  • Measure the circumference of the tin with a length of string. Cut the string and set the cake tin aside.
  • Take the greaseproof paper and measure it to the right length for the sides of the tin. Turn the paper lengthways and fold in half to make a visible crease. Unfold the paper and cut in half along the crease with a pair of scissors.
  • To fit the paper around the circular base of the tin, fold the paper about an inch from the bottom. Undo the fold and snip as deep as the crease you have just made, about an inch apart along the fold.
  • To measure the cake tin base, sit the tin on the paper and use a pencil to draw around it. Cut out the circle.
  • Grease the tin's base and sides with a little butter on greaseproof paper. Make sure it is a very thin layer.
  • Take the long piece of greaseproof paper and angle it into the cake tin, pushing it down to the base edge. Ensure the squares are down flat. The base paper then slides into the tin.
  • Trim off excess paper leaving about 2 inches of paper from the top of the edge of the tin.



You can use the extra piece of greaseproof paper cut for the circumference to double line the tin.

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