Good Food Masterclass
Fresh pasta on floured surface

Mastering Pasta: Series for beginners

  • Part One – Quick Skills
  • Part Two – Beyond Basics


Learn everything you need to know about making fresh pasta with our two part series. Former BBC Good Food Deputy Food Editor, Esther Clark, and pro-chef Olivia Cavalli, share all their tips and tricks.

Attend this masterclass series and learn how to:

  • Make and roll out authentic egg pasta by hand
  • Cut and form creative shapes
  • Make filled pasta like ravioli
  • Choose the best flavour combination
  • Get restaurant-quality results

What you will receive:

  • A link to watch Part One - Pasta Quick Skills
  • A link to watch Part Two - Beyond Pasta Basics in-depth masterclass
  • Detailed presentations and expert advice
  • Question and answer session addressing top problems and questions

Part One - Quick Pasta Skills


Want to make your own pasta at home? In 30-mins, our expert Olivia Cavalli will quickly show you how the professionals make and roll out authentic egg pasta by hand, as well as answering top questions in the troubleshooting Q&A.

Olivia will share hints and tips to making authentically Italian egg pasta dough, including how to roll it to the right consistency for filled pasta, and cut it into shapes.

Watch and learn:

  • How to make a basic egg pasta dough
  • Key lessons on making the dough by hand
  • Tips for successfully rolling out the dough
  • Troubleshooting tips and best practice in the question & answer session

Part Two - Beyond Basics


Our in-depth pasta masterclass will show you how to make the dough, plus the best techniques for rolling and shaping, no matter what your skill level.

Our expert Olivia Cavalli will also share her recipe for three delicious filled pastas and answer common questions in a troubleshooting question & answer session.

Olivia guides you through the best techniques for making an egg-based dough and a flour-and water-based dough by hand. Discover how to expertly roll and shape dough to get restaurant-quality results, and learn proper cutting techniques for pasta such as tagliatelle and pappardelle.

A pasta masterclass wouldn’t be complete without a journey through filled pasta and Olivia will share her favourite recipes, combinations that work well and how you can continue to experiment at home.

Finally, watch Olivia answer some common questions at the end of the class in a 30-minute troubleshooting question and answer session.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Master perfect dough
  • Simply roll with a pasta roller
  • Develop your cutting techniques with our best practice tips
  • Best shape your dough
  • Make and fill pasta
  • Create the best pasta filling flavour combinations

Price £25

Mastering Pasta - online masterclass series