• Looks good, digital touchscreen, large number of functions, best for risotto


  • Tiny lights on the digital interface

Sage the Fast Slow Go summary

The Sage the Fast Slow Go is a superbly designed, brushed stainless steel multi-cooker. It’s incredibly stylish and helpful enough that you will not want to hide this in the back of a cupboard. The cooker focuses on slow and pressure cooking. However, it has many other pre-set functions, including rice and grains, plus stocks, stews, legumes, sous vide, risotto, yogurt and more. The cooker has a large footprint (it has a very generous six-litre capacity), but its versatility means it will replace other kitchen machines, warranting both the size and price.


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How easy is the rice cooker to use?

With its well-written instruction book, you will be up and running very quickly. The first task is setting the altitude level which is a new one for us, but is a testament to the excellent details we've come to expect with this brand.

A large digital and push-button interface makes the cooker straightforward to use. The available programmes are shown in words with clear symbols at the top. The digital timer is bright and easy to read, plus there are useful buttons for 'delay start' and 'keep warm' functions. The pressure and slow cooker settings are distinct and easy to see. However, two tiny lights – one for the lid lock/unlock and another to show preheating – are more challenging to see clearly.

Cooking results

The rice and grains cooking in the Sage the Fast Slow Go is done using the pressure cooker. Our first attempt at rice was not successful, but this was due to us not rinsing the rice sufficiently – a crucial step for using this machine. After rectifying this, we were delighted with the white and brown rice results; cooked in just over 10 minutes, the machine produced tender, fluffy grains. We also tested the risotto setting on the cooker and were staggered by the quality of the finished dish; plus, it saves all that time standing stirring when making a risotto by hand.


This is not the cheapest machine if you only want to cook rice. However, the rice it cooks is excellent and as are the many other functions of this smart machine. The Sage multi-cooker is an investment piece for the kitchen and for your time – it's something that could be used every day.


Sage the Fast Slow Go specifications

Food capacity: 6 litres
Power: 1100W
Weight: 4.86kg
31.3 x 34.7 x 33.3 cm
Safety features: pressure release valve, pressure safety valve, safety locking pin
Guarantee: two years
Pre-sets: 14