• Unusual design makes it a talking point, very light


  • Not ideal for those in hard water areas, slower than average

Sage the Compact Kettle Pure summary

Smaller than the average kettle, with a capacity of just one litre, this is ideal for couples or single-person households – or anyone who would prefer a smaller, lighter kettle.


This kettle is a real eye-catcher as the unusual glass jug means you can watch your kettle as it boils. Of course, being transparent means it’s also very easy to see exactly how much water you are boiling – and if you need extra help, there’s also an indicator (in cups) on the side of the kettle. This can all help cut water wastage.

Adding to the neat look of the kettle is the base that exactly fits the bottom of the kettle, so minimising the space it takes up on your worktop. The element is hidden and controls are all in the handle, with the red indicator light sandwiched between the ‘open lid’ and ‘on’ switches.

For those in hard water areas, a glass kettle will need descaling regularly to maintain its appearance. This kettle was a little slower than others, averaging at about 2 minutes 40 seconds for a litre.

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Sage the Compact Kettle Pure specifications:

Choice of temperature: no
Temperature indicator: no
Keep warm function: no
Water level indicator: yes
Removable limescale filter: No

Lid type: flip up


Capacity: 1litre
Dimensions: H19 x W14 x D14cm
Weight: 1k
Finished beep: no