• Affordable, sleek design


  • Heavy to use

Morphy Richards Total Control hand mixer summary

Many affordable and budget hand mixers tend to have a light, plasticky body, but this Morphy Richards mixer is refreshing in its sturdiness. It feels well made and weighty, but that also means it is heavy to use so it won’t suit everyone.

The dishwasher-safe attachments effectively whipped cream and egg whites and made a light and airy buttercream. Even the slowest speed setting is quite fast however, so dry ingredients like icing sugar can go flying out of the bowl if you’re not careful. It also became tricky to control when mixing a heavy bread dough and there was some noticeable vibration up through the handle.

The shiny stainless-steel body adds a touch of class, but the grooves on some of the plastic fittings are a magnet for dirt and grime, which is tricky to remove.

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What were our first impressions of the Morphy Richards Total Control hand mixer?

The sturdy build and weighty feel were the first things that struck us when we removed this mixer from the box. We were also happy to note that aside from a couple of bags, there was no other plastic packaging. Despite its affordable price tag, this Morphy Richards mixer has a solid feel that gives the impression it’ll be hard-wearing. This is in part due to the stainless-steel section of the body, which also makes it look more expensive than other similarly priced mixers.

The controls are all positioned within easy reach of your thumb when holding the handle and there are five speeds to choose from. A rubber grip on the top of the handle makes it non-slip and adds some welcome comfort to the grip. Although it’s 110cm long, the power cable is shorter than others we have reviewed.

How is the Morphy Richards Total Control hand mixer to use?

The weighty, robust quality of this model translates into a mixer that feels heavy, so it’s best avoided if you have hand or wrist problems. The attachments are well built, and it makes short work of whipping cream and egg whites. That said, we did notice some vibration up through the handle during mixing.

The dough hooks didn’t take long to combine our bread flour and water into a dough, but it became difficult to control as the dough came together and felt like it had a mind of its own. It was fast to create a fluffy and light buttercream, but the first speed setting is very quick so when we switched it on it sprayed a cloud of icing sugar onto the worktop. And at the end of mixing, we noticed a lot of icing sugar was lodged in the grooves at either end of the mixer which is frustrating because it’s awkward to clean out.

Our verdict

This reasonably priced mixer looks more expensive than it is and has a strong and sturdy feel. It works well but it’s weighty and hard to control when mixing a heavy dough.

Morphy Richards Total Control hand mixer specifications

Attachments: twin beaters and two dough hooks
Eject button: yes
Speeds: five, plus turbo function
Weight: 1050g
Size: 19.5 x 8.5 x 15cm
Wattage: 400W
Dishwasher-safe parts: yes

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