Morphy Richards Hive kettle summary

Echoing its name, the Hive has a honeycomb pattern. The kettle comes in four colourways – grey, white, cream and black – and there are matching toasters, too. There’s a transparent switch with a white light that shows when the kettle is on.


Unusually, the stand-out feature of this kettle is the lid. When you’re buying a kettle, you usually have a choice between two kinds – a pull off style or one where you press a button to open the hinged lid. The lid in the Morphy Richards Hive kettle doesn’t need to be removed at all (though you can still pull it off if you like to be conventional).

Instead, it has an ‘easy fill system’: a specially designed lid with a hole in so you can pour water in directly. This does make filling particularly easy and quick. Despite our concerns with this innovation, water doesn’t spurt out when you’re boiling it, even if you fill it to the max like we did during testing.

We did feel the water level indicator could be clearer – it’s very hard to see as the markings are pale and it doesn’t illuminate when boiling.

The kettle boiled quickly, averaging at around 2:12 for a litre. We felt that overall, this is a well-priced, effective kettle that’s light to use, with a nice innovative touch.

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Morphy Richards Hive kettle specifications


Choice of temperature: no
Temperature indicator: no
Keep warm function: no
Water level indicator: yes
Removable limescale filter: yes
Lid type: pull off / run through
Capacity: 1.5l
Dimensions: 20.3 x 15.8 x 23.7 cm (H x W x D)
Weight: 0.81k
Finished beep: no