• small, compact and fierce


  • no storage for all the bits and pieces

First impressions of the Magic Bullet Kitchen Express

The Magic Bullet Kitchen Express is a sturdy, compact machine. It offers a fantastic range of functions for such a small gadget, and at a bargain price. It's packaged well in plenty of recyclable materials, with just a few plastic bags for added protection. Unwrapping it, we're delighted by the number of accessories included.


The motor base is solid and unfussy, with just one large central knob that turns it on when switched to the left, off when switched to the middle and activates the pulse function when switched to the hard right. The weight of the base (plus its rubber feet) helps keep it firmly on the worktop when switched on. It's not the quietest machine, but the speed at which it starts up is impressive.

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How easy is the Magic Bullet Kitchen Express to use?

The stacked blade in the main bowl should be handled carefully, as it is very sharp. As there are four blades in one small bowl, there's not as large a capacity as some other machines, but this does chop ingredients fast. The Magic Bullet Kitchen Express has only one speed, so it's best to use the pulse function to avoid chopping ingredients too finely. Most ingredients are chopped with ease, though the machine does struggle slightly with harder vegetables like carrots.

We make the pesto in the main bowl, but it's hard to get a small amount to chop evenly, so we switch to the blender cup. The blender blade attachment screws onto the cup, and the cup onto the motor base. It makes short work of the pesto and produces a lovely texture – not too smooth, but no large lumps, either. We stick with the blender for the basa gede and achieve the same great results.

This machine's grater is a bonus, as this is rarely found in food processors in this price bracket. It works well and sits steadily in the bowl, easily grating hard cheese and carrots. We also flip the blade over to slice small potatoes, as the feeder tube is quite a generous size.


Assembling and disassembling the food processor is easy to do, and though all parts except the base are dishwasher-safe, the blades and disc can be cleaned quickly by hand. The blade is stored inside the jug and the blender blade can be screwed onto a cup for safety, but there's no storage for the disc, which is dangerously sharp – this is our only concern.

Otherwise, the Magic Bullet Kitchen Express is a useful kitchen gadget as it takes up little room and the blender cups can be used to make fruit juices, smoothies and milkshakes – it's a great option for students.


Dimensions: ‎30.7 x 29.5 x 19.2cm
Weight: 2.65kg
Bowl size: 830ml
Wattage: 250w
Materials: durable, BPA-free plastic and stainless steel
Dishwasher-safe components: yes
Recyclable: yes


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