• Neat size and sturdy build, delay function for morning porridge, three-year guarantee, clear instructions


  • Longer cooking times than similar models

Lakeland two-portion mini electric rice cooker summary

The Lakeland rice cooker is a small, sturdily built model that makes two portions of great rice. We love the shiny black finish, even though fingerprints are easily visible.

The small, digital interface can be clearly seen and includes rice, porridge, time delay (so it could cook your breakfast porridge while you sleep) and keep warm functions, plus a countdown timer. The cooker comes with a fully removable lid with an integrated handle and steam vent.

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How easy is the rice cooker to use?

Cooking rice with the Lakeland is so easy. Timings are irrelevant, as the cooker uses an intelligent microcomputer heating control that constantly checks the temperature, adjusting the time accordingly for perfect results. If no buttons are pressed at the end of cooking, the machine automatically flips over to 'keep warm' and the digital counter starts to count up, so you know how long it has been in this mode.

Cooking results

We tested the cooker using a cup of brown rice followed by a cup of white rice. Both took just under 30 minutes, which makes the cooking longer than most other rice cookers we tested, but the results are spot on. Both types of rice were excellently cooked, with an impressive al dente texture on the brown rice and fluffy, light texture on the white rice.


The Lakeland two-portion rice cooker may be small, but it delivers in bucketloads with its intelligent heating and countdown, ensuring lovely rice each time. So, if you only want a maximum of two portions of rice at a reasonable price, you will find the Lakeland cooker excellent value for money.

Lakeland two-portion mini electric rice cooker specifications

Food capacity: 500ml
Power: 250W
Weight: 1.2kg
16.5 x 14.5 x 19cm
Guarantee: three years