• Even cooking, no shaking needed during cooking, great price for the quality of build, easy to set up and start cooking, it can be operated from a smartphone


  • Non-recyclable packaging, cannot be operated remotely

Cosori Dual Blaze 6.4L Smart air fryer summary

The Cosori Dual Blaze is a good-looking, excellent all-rounder air fryer. Easy and quiet to use, it is sizeable enough for a family yet energy efficient enough for smaller households and comes with an array of new, innovative technology.


The appliance feels safe to use sitting comfortably on the worktop and hardly moves when opening and closing the drawer. It stays cool to the touch, stops cooking when the drawer is opened and resumes when closed.

However, the technology integrated into this fryer makes this stand out. It uses 360 ThermoIQ technology with thicker pure aluminium baskets to help it cook healthier food, faster. Plus, dual heating elements have patented automatic temperature controls for evenly cooking both sides of the food, so no more shaking or stirring is needed.

The Cosori was let down by its non-recyclable packaging, but performance-wise this is a great air fryer.

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Setting up the Cosori Dual Blaze 6.4L Smart air fryer

The Cosori Dual Blaze arrived packed tightly and safely in its box. Unfortunately, all the packaging (being mainly polystyrene) is not recyclable, which was disappointing. However, when lifted from the box, it is a tall yet compact and unfussy-looking fryer. Despite its relative footprint, is surprisingly easy to carry with handy two slots under the base, making it feel secure.

The fryer felt well-built, and a simple touch screen displays 12 cooking functions for chicken, steak, seafood, vegetables, and fries, fresh and frozen; it reheats food, grills, roasts and bakes, all of which are programmed in but can also be adjusted for custom recipes.

We liked the envelope tucked inside the drawer, which holds a user manual and a 44-recipe book. These easy-to-follow instructions are invaluable to those new to air frying and for making the most of the Cosori's many functions.

How easy is it to use?

The Cosori is easy to set up after a quick wash and dry and reading the comprehensive instruction book. The control panel is also intuitive, so we were set up to cook within minutes.

The first impression of the Cosori is that it is very much like other air fryers; however, it is set apart by 360 ThermoIQ technology with thicker pure aluminium baskets for creating faster and healthier food.

Plus, dual-heating elements have patented automatic temperature controls for evenly cooking both sides of the food. This technology means that food cooked in the Dual Blaze requires no shaking or stirring, which we loved.

In addition, for those who like technology, the fryer can be connected to a smartphone to operate it remotely or by voice through a home speaker.

Given that the fryer must be started manually and not remotely for safety, we felt it lessened its usefulness. Still, it was fun to use and the app worked well, plus, there’s a section where custom recipes can be stored.

Though we felt having to switch the fryer manually reduced the app’s efficacy, it is crucial safety-wise to be able to see the fryer is working correctly.

Cooking results

The dual heating element came into its own when we started to cook. Making chips without a need to open and close the drawer constantly not only saves energy but also saves time.

We didn’t entirely trust the process of our first batch of chips, so we kept peeking and were delighted to see the finish even cooking without needing to move the chips around. The result was delicious, evenly cooked golden fries. Thick chips, too, came out perfectly cooked, with us not having to do anything during cooking.

We also cooked crisp chicken bites, which came out crunchy and evenly coated. Finally, we were staggered by a gluten-free apple and almond cake we baked in the fryer, which was a lovely dark, almost 'caramelly', outside and all squidgy and fruity within.

Cosori Dual Blaze 6.4L Smart air fryer conclusion

With its extremely useful technology over and above many other air-fryers, the Cosori is a great all-rounder that is easy and quiet to use, sizeable enough for a family and energy efficient enough for smaller households.

Our absolute favourite and most valuable attribute of the Dual Blaze is not having to shake and stir or keep checking how food is cooking.

The app is fun, but the dual cooking is a game-changer. The Cosori was let down only by its packaging; otherwise, this is an excellent air fryer.

Cosori Dual Blaze 6.4L Smart air fryer specifications

Food capacity: 6.4 L
Wattage: 1700W
Weight: 6.35 kg
External dimensions: 29.7 x 32.7 x 35.2 cm
Safety features: Auto-pause on removing draw, non-slip feet
Guarantee: Two-year limited warranty
Pre-sets: 12

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