• Comfortable handle, well-balanced, variable speed


  • Difficult to eject attachments

Braun MultiMix 3 HM3100 hand mixer summary

This Braun hand mixer comes at a great price and while it’s not much to look at, the handle is comfortable and well-balanced. Its best feature is the variable speed: you’re not restricted to the five speeds marked on the dial, it can instead be stopped in any position allowing for micro-adjustments to the speed level.


The two wire beaters initially don’t look as sturdy as others we’ve reviewed but they cope efficiently with thick buttercream, egg whites and cream. Although the mixer sounded like it was struggling when mixing bread dough, the performance was good and it mixed the dough without a problem. It’s easy to wipe clean and the attachments can go in the dishwasher, but the button to eject them requires a bit of force.

What were our first impressions of the Braun MultiMix 3 HM3100 hand mixer?

On opening the box, there was a welcome lack of polystyrene or heavy plastic packaging, just a few plastic bags to recycle. The mixer itself is made of chunky white plastic that looks to be designed for function rather than form. Having said that, the simple shape and lack of detail means it’ll be easy to keep clean.

The handle features a rubber top that gives it good grip and there’s a nice groove for your forefinger underneath. The speed dial has five speeds marked on it but is infinitely variable so you can position it anywhere between the numbers to select precisely the speed you want. The on/off switch is separate to the speed switch which means you don’t have to move up through the speeds to get to the fastest – you can set the speed first, then switch it on. The wire style beaters don’t seem as sturdy as others we’ve reviewed, but the dough hooks are more heavy-duty.

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How is the Braun MultiMix 3 HM3100 hand mixer to use?

In use the Braun felt lightweight and although most of its weight sits towards the front, it didn’t feel unbalanced. The handle is comfortable, but the power cord sticks up at the end so it can catch on your wrist. Unless you change the speed, it’ll start on the last one you used, which more often than not is a fast setting, so when mixing anything that requires a slow speed you’ll have to remember to check the speed setting before switching it on to avoid a messy disaster.

Despite having a whopping 500W of power, it did sound like it was struggling when mixing a heavy bread dough, but it did the job nonetheless and the thick dough hooks brought the dough together nicely. It was fast to whip up cream and egg whites and coped well with a thicker buttercream mixture. The eject button to release the attachments requires a bit of force, but thankfully it’s large enough for both thumbs.

Our verdict

This simple and inexpensive hand mixer is certainly up to the job and with fully variable speed control it allows for very precise speed adjustments, making it easier to avoid over-whipping.

Braun MultiMix 3 HM3100 hand mixer specifications

Attachments: twin beaters and two dough hooks
Eject button: yes
Speeds: variable, plus turbo function
Weight: 820g
Size: 20.5 x 7.5 x 20cm
Wattage: 500W
Dishwasher-safe parts: yes

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