• Attractive, fast boiling


  • On the pricey side

Bosch silicone kettle summary

Perched on a square base and with a silicone ‘coat’, this is an eye-catching kettle that would sit well on the worktop of any contemporary kitchen. The base, main body and lid are stainless steel. The kettle has a grey ribbed covering, a black handle and a clearly contrasting red ‘on’ switch. There’s also a version with a red silicone cover for those wanting something even more striking.


Features are well thought-out – the 360 degree base means the kettle is easy to pick up for both right and left handers. The power cord is stored in the base and there’s a removable filter. You press a button to flip up the lid and can push it back a little further to make it easier to fill if you want to.

Although it holds 1.7 litres, it's fairly compact on the worktop. Even with the standout design, this kettle performed well in our speed trials, boiling a litre in an impressive average of 2.08 minutes. It has a pleasantly smooth pour, too.

Available from:
Curries (£79.99)

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Bosch Silicone specifications


Choice of temperature: no
Temperature indicator: no
Keep warm function: no
Water level indicator: yes
Removable limescale filter: yes
Lid type: flip-up
Capacity: 1.7l
Dimensions: 23.6 x 24 x 18.7cm
Weight: 1.2k
Finished beep: no