This year BBC Good Food carried out it's first ever Plant-Based Supermarket Awards. With entries from nine supermarkets in 14 different categories, we were on the hunt for the best vegan staples that the supermarkets had to offer. The expert team of taste testers tasted over 100 products to pick their winners in each category.


From meat alternatives for easy vegan midweek meals, to plant-based options that can replace dairy classics, plus vegan snacks, sandwiches and more, we've found the best vegan supermarket products for every occasion.

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BBC Good Food Plant-Based Supermarket Awards Results 2023

Best chicken alternative

Winner: Aldi Plant Menu no chicken kievs

Aldi no chicken kievs

These had a crispy, well-seasoned coating with good flavour. It tastes remarkably like a classic chicken kiev (and also had a similar texture) and the buttery-style filling had strong garlic flavour which is sure to be a crowdpleaser.

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Available from:
Aldi (£1.99 for 2)

Best fish alternative

Joint winner: Aldi Plant Menu salt & vinegar no fish fillets

Aldi Plant Menu fish fingers fillets

The crispy batter on these fillets reminded judges of classic fish and chips. The filling had a texture and flavour slightly reminiscent of mashed potato, but it did have a slight flake to it just like fish and hint of that flavour too.

Available from:
Aldi (£1.99 for 2)

Joint winner: ASDA OMV! Deliciously Vegan melt in the middle fishless cakes

Asda OMV! Deliciously Vegan 2 Melt in the Middle Fishless Cakes

This felt similar to a classic supermarket fishcake. The creamy pesto filling was pleasantly lemony and strongly herby, while the coating was crisp and crunchy.

Available from:
Asda (£2.80 for 2)

Best vegan mince

Winner: Plant Based by ASDA meat-free mince

Plant Based by Asda Meat-free mince

Vegan mince is a tricky one to get right, but we think this would work well in a veggie bolognese. It had the most neutral taste of all we tried, making it versatile in lots of recipes, with good seasoning and satisfying texture.

Available from:
Asda (£2.50/250g)

Runner up: Tesco Plant Chef fish-free goujons

These thin, golden goujons look just like classic fish fingers. There's plenty of crunch from the coating and a lightly-flavoured filling, ready for a fish finger sandwich and lots of ketchup.

Available from:
Tesco (£2/240g)

Best milk alternative – soy

Winner: Lidl Vemondo unsweetened soya milk

Lidl Soya milk

Judges felt this was a good all-rounder soy milk – with a well-balanced sweetness compared to others tried that varied between super sweet or very dry. It had a good viscosity and would sit well in coffee and tea.

Available from:
Lidl (55p/1l)

Best milk alternative – oat

Joint winner: Waitrose barista oat long life drink

Waitrose Barista oat milk

Our favourite supermarket oat milk for going in coffee. It had a good creamy texture and subtle oat flavour.

Available from:
Waitrose (£1.65/1l)

Joint winner: Asda oat barista

ASDA Oat Barista copy

Our oat milk pick for using on cereal. It had a strong oat flavour that would also work nicely in porridge to give it extra depth.

Available from:
Asda (£1.45/1l)

Best hard cheese alternative

Winner: M&S Plant Kitchen sliced mature style alternative to cheddar

M&S plant kitchen cheese

These slices wouldn't feel out of place in a sandwich or to top a veggie burger. There was a slight smoke flavour giving depth and a good end flavour.

Available from:
Ocado (£2.90/180g)
M&S in-store

Runner up: Tesco Plant Chef alternative to mature cheese

This had a firm, slightly chewy texture that reminded judges of string cheese. It had a light amount of salt for flavour and was overall fairly subtle.

Available from:
Tesco (£2.20/200g)

Best mozzarella alternative

Winner: Tesco Plant Chef alternative to grated mozzarella

Tesco Plant Chef alternative to mozzarella

Made from coconut oil, this pre-grated mozzarella had a neutral flavour but judges were impressed by it melting well, useful for a homemade vegan pizza.

Available from:
Tesco (£2.20/200g)

Best soft cheese alternative

Winner: Free From by Sainsbury’s Original alternative to soft cheese

Sainsbury's free from soft cheese

This plain soft cheese alternative had a subtle tang and generally smooth texture with just a slight graininess. It would work well melted through pasta or spread on a cinnamon bagel.

Available from:
Sainsbury's (£2.10/170g)

Best plain plant-based yogurt

Joint winner: Lidl Vemondo soya yogurt

Lidl vemondo soy yogurt

Our pick if you want a soya-based yogurt. It has the most similar flavour to plain dairy yogurt of all that we tried, although the texture is quite grainy.

Available from:
Lidl, in store

Joint winner: Plants By Deliciously Ella coconut yogurt

Deliciously Ella coconut yogurt

Our winning choice for a coconut-based yogurt. It had a soft and light texture (almost like whipped cream) and the slightly sour flavour would please fans of coconut water. This would be best used to top curries and stews, rather than eating alone.

Available from:
Waitrose (£3.50/300g)

Best firm tofu

Winner: M&S Plant Kitchen organic super firm tofu

M&S Plant Kitchen firm tofu

This firm tofu went pleasantly golden and crisp on the outside when fried in slices. The middle was creamy with a slight soybean flavour, but it would carry marinades and dressings well.

Available from:
Ocado (£2.65/300g)
M&S, in-store

Best vegan sandwich

Winner: Waitrose PlantLiving hoisin no duck wrap

Waitrose hoisin no-duck wrap

This spinach wrap is filled with vegan spiced wheat and pea protein pieces, hoisin sauce and plenty of veg. The combination of pickled cabbage and ginger, Chinese leaf, spinach and spring onion adds attractive colour but also crucially plenty of freshness and crunch, for a pleasing mix of textures.

Available from:
Waitrose (£3.85)

Best vegan snack

Winner: M&S Plant Kitchen cheese twists

Plant Kitchen cheese flavour twists

You'd never know these buttery cheese straws were vegan. They were crisp and flaky with an authentic cheese flavour and would be a great snack to serve a crowd with drinks.

Available from:
M&S, in-store (£1.50/125g)

Best vegan mayonnaise

Winner: M&S Plant Kitchen vegan mayo

This creamy mayo has a good thick texture just like standard mayonnaise and would be an easy all-rounder to use, although has a slight acidic aftertaste.

Available from:
M&S, in-store (£1.75/250g)

Best vegan dessert

Winner: Asda OMV! Deliciously Vegan chocolatey cake

Asda OMV! Deliciously Vegan Chocolatey Cake copy

A great easy go-to for any special occasions or birthdays that require a vegan cake. It's generously iced with thick swirls of chocolate icing and the soft cake has deep cocoa flavour.


Available from:
Asda (£10)

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