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Vonshef mini chopper

Vonshef mini chopper

A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
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GBP £32.99

Equipped with two speeds, the Vonshef mini chopper makes light work of a range of ingredients. Read our full review to see how it performed.


  • solid glass bowl, two speeds, sheaths for the blade, very fast


  • lots of fiddly component parts

Vonshef mini chopper summary

This simply designed but great-looking mini chopper from Vonshef is equipped with two speed settings: fast and ultra-fast.


It has a heavy 1.2 litre glass chopping bowl and whilst there are no non-slip feet, the bowl stays firmly in place when in use. Unlike many of the other mini choppers we’ve tested, this model comes with two pairs of blades, which help to speed up the chopping process.

How easy is the Vonshef mini chopper to use?

The two speed settings are self-explanatory, but we needed to play around with them first to gauge just how fast they were. Unfortunately, there is no explanation in the manual as to which speed setting would suit different foods, but after a couple of tries we soon got used to the different speeds. The buttons are responsive, so only a light touch is needed to get the blades spinning.

Assembling this model is simple, but there are lots of component parts to include. When assembled, we didn’t feel that anything was particularly secure; nothing locks into place with a satisfying click, rather it just sits there. This had no baring on the performance of the mini chopper, but we found it disconcerting.

The blades are super-sharp, so we were grateful for the addition of the sheaths, which not only protect your fingers from nasty cuts, but also keep the blades from getting damaged. Placing one pair on top of the other, the blades can chop faster than a single pair of blades.

Whilst no element of this mini chopper is dishwasher-safe, each part is easy to clean by hand and there are no nooks and crannies for food or water to sit in.


This Vonshef model made light work of our ingredients. The most impressive feature? Its speed.

Although the manual offers no information about how to prep ingredients for chopping, we cut our onions into 2cm cubes. We pulsed using speed two, letting the blades spin for only a second or two. After five sets of pulses, the onions were very well chopped and relatively consistent in size. There was no onion mush at the bottom of the bowl.

We initially chopped our stale bread on speed one, but found it too slow, so increased the speed. After a couple of seconds of chopping the majority of the breadcrumbs were fine and even. There were a couple of larger chunks, but not enough to be concerned about.

Considering its large capacity, we were worried about how herbs would fare. You do need to use a large handful for it to work properly, so if you’re chopping herbs for a garnish, we’d suggest sticking to a knife. But for large quantities, this model did very well. Using speed one, the blades chopped the herbs consistently; there was no mushiness; everything was clean cut.

This model did exceptionally well when making our Thai green curry paste. All ingredients were chopped up in a couple of seconds, producing a smooth, even paste.


If you often find yourself needing to chop large quantities, this model is a great choice. It's fast, great looking, and the glass bowl is encouragingly weighty. It’s easy to clean and the blades stay ultra-sharp.

Vonshef suggest using the glass bowl as a serving bowl for sharing dishes like salsa or guacamole, which is a great idea and not one that can be done for many of the other models we’ve tested.

You might struggle to process very small quantities, so it may not suit a couple or someone living alone. But for families or if you often entertain, this is a brilliant budget-friendly option.


Components: lid, motor, blades, 1.2L bowl
Dimensions (cm): H: 25 x W: 18 x D: 18
Speed settings: pulse and continuous on two speeds
Wattage: 400
Colours: black

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