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Tanqueray Sevilla review

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla review


Are you a fan of flavoured gin? This zesty Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla is a twist on a classic London dry gin that could be right up your street. Read our review to find out.

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Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla – 41.3% ABV

Rating: 5/5 

In a nutshell: Flor de Sevilla, Tanqueray’s Spanish-inspired gin, was the resounding winner in our citrus gin tasting session. It was awarded near-perfect scores across the board in every single category. While some gin brands go in for the 'more is more' approach, Tanqueray isn’t one of them. There are just four botanicals in this one and that means all the good stuff – the vibrant orange scent, the intense citrus flavour, the strong piney juniper – have got room to shine.

Full review of Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla

Among a wide array of citrus gins now hitting the market, Tanqueray's Flor de Sevilla is a standout. Why? Essentially, it's because it's not trying too hard to be different. At a glance, it looks like the classic Tanqueray. It comes in the classic bottle, said to have been inspired by a three-part cocktail shaker, and the gin recipe isn’t wholly new, it's a riff on the brand's classic London dry.

While some gin brands go all-out with a sometimes dizzying variety of herbs and spices (often favouring eight or nine botanicals in their recipe), Tanqueray isn’t one of them. Just four botanicals are enough to ensure that Flor de Sevilla makes an impact. It's characterised by the heady aroma of oranges, which carries through into the deep citrus flavour, respectfully backed by a punch of pine and juniper.

Tanqueray’s heritage means there's no need to rely on gimmicks. In the early 19th century, founder Charles Tanqueray created over 300 gin recipes in search of the perfect tipple. He was the pioneer of London dry gin. With such a winning formula and backstory, it's hardly surprising that Tanqueray don't stray too far from what they know, but Flor de Sevilla is still fresh and exciting in terms of flavour. It's trendy while also being unique.

Its orange flavour is made more complex by notes of blossom that keep it from feeling merely like gin mixed with orange juice, creating a rounded, refreshing drink with a sophisticated floral edge. It's subtle and that means it’s easy to drink.

Not all gins are made for drinking neat, but Flor de Sevilla is delicious even before anything has been added. That said, it is very well complemented by being mixed with tonic for a long, lazy summer evening kind of a drink. And at £25 a bottle, it delivers class and quality at a reasonable price.

The perfect pour

There’s no need to mess around with this one too much. Pour a perfect G&T long over ice and garnish with a thick orange wedge – and if you can find a nice spot in the sunshine, try adding a little grass between your toes.


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