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Russell Hobbs mini chopper

Russell Hobbs mini chopper

A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
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GBP £14.38

This mini chopper performs best when processing small amounts: ideal for dips and marinades. Read our full review of this Russell Hobbs kitchen kit.


  • very compact, dishwasher-safe parts, plastic guards to protect the blades, non-slip feet


  • bowl is too small for some recipes

Russell Hobbs mini chopper summary

This is a compact, self-contained mini chopper with a single speed setting that can either be pulsed or held down for up to 1 minute.


The bowl is small, with just a 500ml capacity, so it’s not suitable for large pastes, but works brilliantly processing smaller quantities. The mini chopper remains stable on work surfaces thanks to the non-stick feet, and the bowl, blades and lid are all dishwasher-safe.

How easy is the Russell Hobbs mini chopper to use?

To get this mini chopper going, all you need to do is press down the single large green button to the side of the chopper bowl. The button is responsive and can be easily pulsed or held down, depending on what you’re chopping. The speed with which the blades spin is exactly right: not so slow that they’re unable to cut anything, not too fast that you can’t control them. The plastic sheaths were a welcome addition, too.

The bowl and lid twist and lock into place. There are some directions embossed onto the plastic as a guide, but the text is miniscule and easily missed. Fitting the bowl and lid feels a little precarious, as you really need to use some force to get them to lock into place. The plastic on both isn’t the thickest, so on each test we were concerned we were going to break the plastic.

The bowl, lid and blades are dishwasher-safe: a real plus.


We followed BBC Good Food’s Thai green curry paste recipe. We had to reduce the recipe by two-thirds as there simply wasn’t space for the whole thing. We were still able to make a generous amount of curry paste, but this model wouldn’t be our first choice if we were prepping for a dinner party, for example.

That being said, it chopped and puréed the mix well, producing a consistent and fine curry paste.

We were able to fit a single chopped onion into the bowl. This model chopped the onion relatively well, though we noticed some slight mushiness at the very bottom, whilst the onion at the top was still quite chunky. We’d have liked to have seen more consistency.

Breadcrumbs were evenly chopped, if a little slowly done. We could only fit one torn up slice of bread in the bowl. But breadcrumbs are relatively mess-free, so if you needed more this could easily be done in batches.

Our herbs were cut cleanly, whilst we noticed a couple of odd sizes chunks, the majority were consistent in size. We thought this model would be ideal for herb dips and sauces like pesto.


For small quantities of pastes, dips and sauces, this Russell Hobbs model is the ideal choice. The super-sharp blades make light work of a variety of ingredients and the small bowl capacity means this model would best suit a couple or small family.

Putting this model together takes a little practice and requires more force than feels comfortable, which may be off putting for some. But it takes up very little space, is easy to clean and comes at an unbeatable price.


Components: lid, blades, 500ml bowl, chopper stand
Dimensions (cm): H: 13.7, W: 17.7 x D: 10.7
Speed settings: pulse and continuous
Wattage: 130
Colours: white

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