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Mothercare Star high chair – discontinued

This product is no longer available

Mothercare has produced a number of variations on the standard folding highchair for its own-brand range, with the gender-neutral grey star design at the more subdued end of the colour spectrum.

There's nothing ground-breaking about the chair, but with its height, recline and tray adjustment options and the ability to fold it down, and the relatively reasonable price tag, it’s a practical mid-range choice that ticks plenty of boxes.

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Mothercare Star high chair in pieces waiting to be assembled

What are your first impressions of the Mothercare Star high chair?

Bearing a striking resemblance to two other grey folding chairs I reviewed, the Mamas & Papas Snax and the Argos Cuggl Deluxe, the Mothercare Star sits between the two in price. The functionality of the three chairs is very similar, so the choice comes down to value for money and preference on looks. The bright orangey-red straps and accents on the Mothercare Star initially struck me as a little garish – but the colour does help to disguise Bolognese splashes on the harness!

Mothercare Star high chair assembly – how easy is it?

The chair is simple to put together and the diagram instructions fairly straightforward to follow, although, as with other high chairs of this style, the footrest is awkward to fit and requires a long screwdriver, which isn’t supplied.

What age is the Mothercare Star high chair suitable for?

The chair is suitable for children from sitting up unaided to around three years old.

How secure is the Mothercare Star high chair?

As with the other chairs I tested of this type, I found the tray shook when my daughter banged her legs, but this was a minor irritation rather than a significant safety concern. Other than this, it felt pretty sturdy.

Mothercare high chair harness

What is the safety harness like?

The brightly coloured five-point harness clips into a large button which I found slightly easier to use than the clips on the similar Cuggl and Mamas & Papas chairs. However, as with those chairs, the crotch strap on the Mothercare Star sometimes becomes tucked underneath the baby.

How big is the tray and is it a good height for the child?

Besides the removable, dishwasher-safe top layer being transparent rather than grey, the tray on the Mothercare Star is exactly the same as the Argos Cuggl Deluxe version: 57cm wide with three sections and space for a cup (though of course not every cup fits in it). It sits at a good height and can be moved backwards and forwards by squeezing the sides of the tray and pushing it into three positions, although, as with other highchairs of this type, I found the sliding mechanism clunky: it often goes on wonkily and has to be re-adjusted, and can become caught on the cushion padding.

Can you adjust the high chair in any other way?

The chair moves easily into six height positions, so you can feed the child while you sit on the sofa or at a lower table. You can also tilt it backwards, but the handle is quite hard to reach and the reclining motion is not very smooth.

Mothercare high chair tray and seat

What is its footprint?

The chair’s footprint is reasonably large at 77cm x 51cm, and with its flashes of bright colour, it’s fairly dominant in a room (though the red feet may mean you’re less likely to trip over them!).

What is the overall quality of the high chair?

The chair could be adjusted more smoothly and is a little ‘plasticky’ in appearance, but feels solid enough.

Is it comfortable for the child?

The chair is fairly roomy, with plenty of cushioning and an armchair-like shape that looked very comfy for my daughter. The recline options might also add to the comfort of babies who like to doze in their chairs, but we didn’t make use of this feature.

Toddler in the Mothercare high chair eating breakfast

Is the seat padded?

There's generous padding over the seat, sides and back rest, with a shiny, wipe-clean cover. The seat pad can be detached from the chair for cleaning.

Can you get the child in and out easily?

Once you’ve shifted the tray out of the way, it’s very easy to lift the child out of the chair; trying to do it without removing the tray is a bit hit and miss.

Is there adequate support for the child?

The structured seat with its high, cushioned back rest, crotch post, five-point harness and adjustable tray help the child to maintain a good upright posture, but the fixed footrest doesn’t provide a lot of support.

Is it easy to clean?

While the cover is wipe-clean, as with most cushioned chairs, food does collect in the seams, meaning you’ll need to take the cushion off regularly to keep it properly clean. The tray has a top layer which can be popped off for cleaning.

Mothercare star high chair being stored

Is it easy to store?

The chair is straightforward to collapse: lower the chair height, close the legs, release the tray and hang it on the back of the legs. Once folded, it stands freely but isn’t especially neat at 99cm x 57cm x 35cm, so it’s not the easiest to transport.

Are there any accessories available for purchase?


Are there any special features?

No additional features.

Toddler sat in a Mothercare Star high chair at a dinner table

Overall star ratings for Mothercare Star high chair

Ease of assembly 4/5
Comfort for child 4.5/5
Ease of cleaning 3.5/5
Safety and security 4/5
Ease of storage 4/5
Value for money 4/5

Overall star rating: 4/5

Product specifications

Suitable from sitting unaided to three years

Size capacity:
Up to 15kg

Height 103cm
Width 59cm
Depth 85cm

Seat recline options:

Seat height options:

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