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Manly Spirits Co, Zesty Limoncello (23% ABV)

Star rating: 9/10

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Manly Spirits’ distillery is based beside Manly beach, just north of Sydney, founded in 2017. The beach is world-famous as a surfer's paradise and that freshness is evident in this bottle. Revered chef and forager Elijah Holland helps source ingredients locally, ensuring a quality product.

The distillery gives its team a long leash when it comes to developing and testing new recipes, so paradoxically, capturing a carefree lifestyle in a bottle takes a lot of work. More freedom to make mistakes, however, means more wonderful liqueur to pour over ice and sip in the sun.

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The Manly Limoncello is made using some of the distillery’s favourite foraged ingredients and a traditional Amalfi recipe. Carefully selected Central Coast lemons are hand-peeled in order to avoid infusing the bitter pith. The end result is a playful, light and eminently drinkable limoncello. Straight out of the freezer, it is just the right side of syrupy and draws on honey and sherbet flavours.

You know how sometimes people stick a vodka bottle into a watermelon? This limoncello tastes like somebody stuck a vodka bottle into a lemon Calippo – in the best way.

The perfect pour

Serve in a short glass over one ice cube straight from the freezer. If you want to enjoy the Manly Spirits Co. Limoncello in a longer drink, then mix three parts prosecco to one part limoncello and garnish generously with raspberries. The tangy berries are an ideal foil for the sherbet lemon while the prosecco bubbles bring the drink to life. Mix a pitcher for guests to enjoy al fresco.

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