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Manly Spirits Coastal Citrus Gin review


If you're looking for a bottle of gin with a difference, you may be intrigued by the sweet and savoury notes of this one. Find out more in our review of Manly Spirits Coastal Citrus Gin.

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Manly Spirits Coastal Citrus Gin – 43% ABV

Rating: 5/5

In a nutshell: When you buy a citrus gin, you probably don’t expect it to taste of the sea, but Manly Coastal certainly does. Not quite salty – that would be too obvious – it has a light mineral tang on the finish. Its unique character brings to mind breezy walks along the beach.

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Hailing all the way from Australia, Manly Spirits launched their Coastal Citrus Gin in 2017 and it is indeed citrussy, but gently so thanks to botanicals including lemon aspen and lemon myrtle (both native to Queensland). Sea parsley brings another dimension and the addition of coriander lends the gin a fresh note that works brilliantly against the lemon.

However, the real work here is done by the earthy and almost savoury quality of the herbs. They keep it grounded so it’s not overly fruity. It’s a complex marrying of flavours balanced incredibly well, making it stand out among many other citrus gins on the market.

With every sip you’ll notice something else tinkling in the background. Despite the complexity and the ABV, it’s surprisingly easy drinking and definitely a conversation starter. It’s rough and rugged with a minerality that evokes breezy walks along the beach, in a refreshing sort of way. Thanks to these earthy notes, this would be good to drink at any time of year.

As a bonus, the bottle looks good on the shelf, but Manly Spirits Coastal is the most expensive in our review of citrus gins. At around £39, you’ll want to sip it slowly to fully appreciate its complexity.

The perfect pour

Don’t mess around with this gin too much. Ice and a slice (lemon or orange, your choice) mixed with a decent tonic is all you need.

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