• accurate thermostat, high-quality components


  • quite slow to heat up, bulky

IKOHS Quickfry summary

This brilliantly finished, impressively-precise fryer is a typically accomplished offering from Spanish brand IKOHS. Contrary to its name, the Quickfry FD-2180 is not especially fast – but once it gets up to temperature, it fries very effectively.


Available from IKOHS (£49.95)

How was the IKOHS Quickfry to use?

Setting up the Quickfry FD-2180 was a total breeze. The fryer feels very well made, and its components all fit together and function soundly. Once you’ve added oil, you simply turn the thermostat dial to turn the fryer on. Before you do so, just be sure you’ve inserted the fryer bowl the right way round.

In our testing, the Quickfry FD-2180 took about 9 minutes to heat a batch of oil up to 130C, which is relatively slow compared to most of the fryers we’ve tested. However, we did find that the thermostat was very accurate. An independent thermometer reading showed that the temperature of the heated oil corresponded closely to the chosen setting. Raising the temperature from 130C to 190C took about 5 minutes, and once again, the thermostat proved highly accurate. This fryer also seems able to recover the temperature of its oil very quickly after chips are added.

The chips made were very good. We were particularly impressed with the evenness of batches produced – the chips were perfectly cooked on the inside, and uniformly dark and crispy on the outside.

A particularly strong suit of this fryer is safety. The fryer is robust, and it seems less prone to spitting oil than most other models we’ve tested.

How practical is the IKOHS Quickfry?

The Quickfry FD-2180 is big enough to make large portions for two, or snack-sized portions for a family. There’s a good amount of wiggle room between the minimum and maximum oil fill levels, which opens up the option of using relatively little oil to cook a smaller amount of food.

This is a pretty convenient fryer to clean, as the frying bowl can be removed and cleaned separately. However, there are quite a lot of nooks and crannies in the machine itself. It’s also quite a hefty fryer to store.

The packaging used with the Quickfry FD-2180 is reasonably minimal, although there are some polystyrene inserts which may or may not be recyclable in your area. The appliance comes with a UK plug adaptor.

Available from IKOHS (£49.95)

IKOHS Quickfry FD-2180 specifications

Maximum temperature: 190C
Oil capacity: 3l
Food capacity: 650g
Power: 2180W

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