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Dolce Cilento limoncello (25% ABV)

Star rating: 10/10

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Amazon (£21.98)
Master of Malt (£20.63)

Dolce Cilento is based in the Campania region of Italy, a short trip from the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

While the distillery’s surroundings are undeniably dreamy, they also have their practical benefits.

The land is incredibly fertile, and ideal for growing the fruits used to make Dolce Cilento’s portfolio of liqueurs. It distills this delicious limoncello, but also makes an acclaimed meloncello and juicy watermelon liqueur.

As a rule, all the fruit is processed within two hours of being harvested, and the peels are infused with pure alcohol at a precise temperature for several weeks. This helps obtain the maximum amount of flavour from the ingredients, and minimises any sourness or bitterness.

Dolce Cilento also exclusively uses organic Amalfi lemons in its limoncello. These globally renowned lemons are perfect for limoncello due to their juiciness, sweetness, intense (but pleasant) perfume and balance of acidity. They’re also much larger than average.

The nose of the Dolce Cilento limoncello is light and fresh, and lemon peel dominates with hints of eucalyptus.

This carries through to the palate, with a well-rounded mouthfeel made up of sweet lemon juice and a gentle nuttiness. The finish is long and lingering.

The sweetness of the lemon being tempered by the gentle nuttiness invites a few more glasses, with the flavours opening up further each time.

The perfect pour

The smoothness of the Dolce Cilento limoncello makes it ideal for a cocktail, like an Aperol & limoncello cocktail. This cocktail is an ideal pick-me-up after a boozy brunch – the limoncello will help you digest, and the tequila should give you a second wind.

Available from:
Amazon (£21.98)
Master of Malt (£20.63)

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