• - Good cooking performance
  • - Non-stick oil pan is easy to clean


  • - Seems to heat oil slightly unevenly
  • - Sides of the appliance can get very hot

Asda George Home deep fryer summary

This fryer is similar to more expensive appliances we’ve seen from other brands, and, as such, you might consider it a bit of a bargain. It cooks delicious chips, in portions large enough to generously feed two or three people.


Available from Asda (£18)

What were our first impressions of the George Home fryer?

Setting up Asda George Home’s deep fryer is pretty easy. You’ll need to wash the frying basket and wipe the frying bowl before use, but once they’ve dried off, they're simple to fit into the fryer. It’s easy to use, too. All you need to do is add oil, lock the basket into place and turn the temperature dial. The ‘heating’ indicator light will turn off when the oil is up to temperature. If you need help, turn to the clearly written instruction booklet for guidance.

Much like a toaster in size and shape, this fryer makes a modest addition to the kitchen. The packaging is practically all recyclable, so we give it top marks on that account.

How was the George Home fryer to use?

The temperature range on this fryer’s thermostat starts at 150C, whereas a range starting at 130C is more conventional. This could prove a nuisance for cooks who like to deep-fry food at more moderate temperatures. You can still achieve a lower temperature with the Asda George Home fryer, it’ll just require a bit of trial and error with the thermostat, plus the use of a kitchen thermometer.

Leaving that minor quibble aside, we found that this fryer could heat oil to temperature impressively fast. It only takes a few minutes for the oil to recover its heat after adding ingredients to the basket, and it took the fryer about 3½ minutes to go from about 130C to its maximum temperature, 190C, during our test.

This fryer does seem to heat oil to a higher temperature at the middle of its frying bowl, and this results in a slight unevenness when cooking batches of chips. However, the chips have great flavour and a delightful, fluffy texture.

We find this fryer to be robust and safe to use. Its design keeps the hot oil at a safe distance, while smoke is released through vents in the fryer’s lid. With that said, the sides of the fryer can get pretty hot, so take care not to touch them during or after cooking. The oil pan has a non-stick coating, which comes in very handy when it's time to clean the fryer.

Available from Asda (£18)

Asda George Home deep fryer specifications

Maximum temperature: 190C
Oil capacity: 2.5 litres
Food capacity: two or three generous portions
Power: 2000W

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