Creamy fish pie in a serving dish with a scoop removed

Family meals: Easy fish pie recipe

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Prep: 15 mins Cook: 45 mins


Serves a family of 4 - 6 or makes 6-8 toddler meals

A simple fish pie recipe that’s quick and easy to prepare. Portion into ramekins and freeze for quick toddler meals or cook in a big dish for the perfect family supper

Nutrition and extra info

  • Freezable

Nutrition: per serving (4)

  • kcal455
  • fat15.7g
  • saturates7.5g
  • carbs50.5g
  • sugars7g
  • fibre5.7g
  • protein27.1g
  • salt1g
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  • 1 x pack fish pie mix (cod, salmon, smoked haddock etc, weight around 320g-400g depending on pack size)
  • 1 tsp Dijon or English mustard
  • ½ a 25g pack or a small bunch chives, finely snipped
  • handful frozen sweetcorn
  • handful frozen petits pois
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  1. Preheat the oven to 200C/180 fan/gas mark 6.

  2. Put the potatoes in a saucepan and pour over enough water to cover them. Bring to the boil and then simmer until tender. When cooked, drain thoroughly and mash with a splash of milk and some butter. Season with ground black pepper.

  3. Put the butter, flour and spring onions in another pan and heat gently until the butter has melted, stirring regularly. Cook for 1 -2 mins. Gradually whisk in the milk using a balloon whisk if you have one. Bring to the boil, stirring to avoid any lumps and sticking at the bottom of the pan. Cook for 3 – 4 minutes until thickened.

  4. Take off the heat and stir in the cheese (if using), fish, mustard, chives, sweetcorn and peas. Spoon into an ovenproof dish or 6- 8 ramekins.

  5. Spoon the potato on top and sprinkle with cheddar cheese.

  6. Pop in the oven for 20 - 25 mins or until golden and bubbling at the edges. Alternatively, cover and freeze the pie or mini pies for another time.

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Comments, questions and tips

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18th Oct, 2017
This is one of my favorite recipes on BBC its really quick and easy. I add prawns to it and left out the sweetcorn, peas, chives and cheese and served in bowls.
14th Sep, 2017
GaryMitch made my day! Thanx
27th Aug, 2017
I followed this recipe to the letter, although as I had no fish pie mix, I used fishcakes from Iceland. I also replaced the potato with flour and mashed carrots, used lard instead of butter, beetroot instead of the sweetcorn and petit pois. My family don't like mustard, so I used Salad Cream instead. I don't know what chives are so I used sage and onion stuffing mix. I added some honey and maple syrup for sweetness. Unfortunately I had a bit of an accident while pouring the milk and put in a whole pint, so I made the mixture a little less liquidy by topping it off with porridge. As I'm too busy I cooked it all in the same pot (actually a bread tin) and put some cheese slices, like the ones you get on burgers on top instead of the grated cheddar, to save time. I also added some chicken which we had left over from yesterdays roast. Was rushed for time, so I cooked it for ten minutes at twice the temperature. It tasted disgusting and now one of my children is in hospital with food poisoning. I am disappointed with this recipe and won't be coming here again.
15th Jan, 2018
Oh GaryMitch, that really made me laugh.
12th Nov, 2017
THANK YOU...For giving me hysterics with tears running down my legs!!
16th Sep, 2017
11th Aug, 2017
Made this quite a few times now, everyone loves it and it works every time ! I also found the video very helpful
29th May, 2017
This might be easy, but it's time consuming. For a quick fish pie, buy your fish pie mix, put it into a dish, pour on a ready made cheese sauce (or make from a packet mix, or from scratch if you must) then top with ready made mash. It works brilliantly, and is every bit as good as this. Delia's one using a topping of frozen Auntie Bessie mash works very well too.
10th Jan, 2018
Why not go the whole hog and just buy a fish pie from the ready made meals aisle? That would save you all the hassle of cooking a fresh meal with real ingredients.
28th Aug, 2017
I like the simplicity of your recipe catbail, but I have a question: Do we need to cook it after we've put the Auntie Bessie mash on top? Because, I'm not sure it actually saves that much time if we do. Also, for a cheaper alternative, how about, instead of fish pie mix, making sandwiches with fish paste and then putting the cheese sauce and mash on top of that. You could even use Salmon fish paste one day & the next day use Sardine & Tomato fish paste for a bit of variety. That way, if your family complain about getting the same meal twice in a row, you could tell them, "No. Because it's actually two different recipes." Especially if you give them different puddings afterwards.


26th Apr, 2016
So I made this fish pie for the first time tonight. Both me and my husband done it together by watching the video provided and the ingredients. Everything was done as the lady in the video described. When we took the pie out of the oven and served it looked like the milk had curdled ... I'm so disappointed - but it did taste nice! Can anyone tell me why this happened . I will try it again but does anyone have any advise for me. Much appreciated
11th Apr, 2017
I can think of two possible reasons that the milk looked as though it had curdled: firstly using raw fish as given in the recipe rather than first poaching it in the milk which is then used to make the sauce, which means that the fish might release liquid into the sauce as it cooks; secondly adding cheese to the sauce whilst the pan is still on the heat and/or not continuing to stir the sauce until the cheese is completely melted, which means that the cheese might release oil into the sauce as it cooks. I intend to make this recipe on Friday and will both poach the fish in the milk before making the sauce and take the sauce off the heat before adding the cheese and stirring until it is completely melted before adding the poached fish and other ingredients.
3rd Apr, 2016
Thinking of doing this for my 2year old as she loves fish pie. If i was to freeze how do i cook it from frozen? Do i defrot first or not thanks
23rd Mar, 2016
Do you need to cook the fish first?
goodfoodteam's picture
20th May, 2016
No there is no need to cook the fish first, it will gently cook when the pie is baked in the oven.
10th Mar, 2016
Can you cook from frozen?
goodfoodteam's picture
20th May, 2016
Yes provided the dish can take the difference in temperature from the freezer to a hot oven. Start off loosely covered with foil until it is thawed then remove the foil to brown the top towards the end. Expect it to take at least twice the cooking time stated in the recipe.
28th Aug, 2015
Where are the instructions on how to best cook the fish? This seems to be missing and would be useful where different varieties are used, like cooking cod when compared cooking monkfish.
22nd Jan, 2014
Made this for baby tonight just wondering if it can be heated from frozen or does it need to be thawed first? Many thanks
21st Sep, 2013
I have never seen a reply to ANY questions asked on this site. Why? Several times I have been reluctant to try some recipes as I have wanted to see the answer to some questions.


25th Aug, 2014
About 30% less potato and 30% more white sauce and its delicious.
26th Jan, 2014
I added white wine and grated cheddar cheese to this recipe which gave it a lovely taste. I also replaced the mash topping with a crumble topping using fresh breadcrumbs, porridge oats, butter and cheshire cheese cheese....Delicious :)
1st May, 2017
can you please give the recipe ie how much for the topping as sound yummy or is it just guess work. thanks very much.x
19th Sep, 2013
I find that the fish is best cooked separately on a non-stick baking tray with a little oil/butter in the over for 20 minutes, and allowed to chill completely before mixing in with the sauce - it retains its shape better and because it's completely dry, it doesn't dilute the sauce and make it sloppy - I always make the sauce slightly on the thick side to start with.