Good Food: Recipe Finder app frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about using the Good Food app, check out our FAQ list below. If the answer to your question isn’t provided, please email and our friendly team will be happy to assist.

Top questions:

  • With a digital subscription to the Good Food app, you can:
    • Get exclusive recipes added monthly
    • Exclusive and ad-free podcasts via the app or, for iOS users, Apple Podcasts
    • Meal plans with pre-made shopping lists
    • Access how-to videos and masterclasses
    • Put your questions to our experts
    • Comment on, organise and rate recipes
    • Enjoy an ad-free experience
  • Visit the app store on iOS or Google Play, search for “Good Food” and download the Good Food app to your device.
  • Please email us at: and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
  • Not currently, but if you have an app subscription and log in on the website, you will be able to access & print the premium recipes from there, as well as any non-premium recipes.
  • We've worked hard on a new app search experience, which you can find located at the top of the home screen or the Search tab in the bottom navigation. Saved recipes are included in these results along with many other recipes, and there are a number of filters and options to further help you refine your search and find the exact recipe you're after. You can also now search only your saved recipes, by using the magnifying glass search function located in the top right of the screen within the ‘My Good Food’ section of the app.
  • Please log in on the website and make sure you can see all your saved recipes. If you can see them, log back into the app using the same log in details and your saved recipes should be displayed. If you are using the same log in details on web and app but your saved recipes are only displaying on web, then please get back in touch with us. When people contact us with this issue, we often find they’ve created an additional Good Food account by mistake. This is most common if iOS customers have used Sign in with Apple to log into the app. If you’ve done this and selected ‘Hide my Email’, your account may be associated with an anonymous email address generated by Apple and ending in You can check if an Apple Private Relay email has been created for you by following these steps: On your iOS device:
    • Open the Settings app, then tap your name to view your Apple ID settings.
    • Tap ‘Sign-in & Security’.
    • Tap ‘Sign in with Apple’
    • Tap Good Food: Recipe Finder in the list of ‘Apps Using Apple ID’
    • The Apple Relay Email will be displayed under ‘Hide my email’, listed as ‘This app received’
  • The Good Food App is a separate subscription to your print/digital edition subscription. We offer regular introductory offers that you can cancel any time, so you can see all the great new features and content.
  • The Good Food: Recipe Finder app is the ultimate ad-free cooking app with over 17,000 recipes for you to try. As well as exclusive meal plans, cook mode, and how-to videos and tutorials. Whilst the Good Food Magazine app is a digital version of the paper magazine, and can be used to purchase single issues or a subscription. Please note that both apps are separate subscriptions.
  • So we can keep investing in more of the recipes and cooking inspiration you value most, we’ve moved the app to a subscription-only package. Each month you’ll find new and exclusive recipes, skills videos and demonstration masterclasses, plus you can put your questions to our team of experts. As a subscriber, you’ll be able to keep all your favourite recipes and enjoy all of the new features and benefits. Plus the app is now completely ad-free. If you’ve used the Good Food app before and don’t want to subscribe, you’ll still be able to see your saved recipes and collections online via your My Good Food account.
  • Yes, at any time. You can manage your subscriptions in your iOS and Google Play devices: iOS If you are are using an iOS device, you can manage your subscriptions via:
    1. Settings
    2. Your name: Apple ID, iCloud, Purchases & Media
    3. Subscriptions
    Google Play If you are are using an Android device, you can manage your subscriptions via Google Play:
    1. Open the Google Play app
    2. At the top right, tap the profile icon
    3. Tap Payments and subscriptions. Subscriptions
    4. Select the subscription that you want to cancel
    5. Tap Cancel subscription
    6. Follow the instructions on screen
    After cancelling your subscription, it will run until the end of your billing period, so you can still use the app and enjoy all of the benefits until then. If you change your mind, you can subscribe again at any time.
  • We've had to remove comments, questions and tips in this release due to a new Play Store policy. We're sorry about this and are working on a solution to bring them back. In the meantime you can leave and read comments, questions and tips on the Good Food website.

Good Food brand refresh

  • We are very proud of our 35-year association with the BBC and now we're preparing for an exciting future standing on our own two feet. Don't worry, while we are updating our look, nothing has changed. We will continue to publish the same trusted, high-quality content across all of our platforms. Our commitment to our audience and editorial standards are the same; our recipes continue to be produced in the same test kitchen; and the people working on the brand have not changed.
  • We haven’t changed anything about what we do, or how we do it. We are committed to being a brand with the highest editorial standards. Just like the BBC. All of our Good Food recipes and articles will still be available, and we’ll add new content seamlessly.
  • No. We’ll continue to invest in great, well made and thoroughly researched content for all our platforms, from our magazine and website to our app and social media.
  • No, you'll still be able to enjoy all the benefits of your Good Food subscriptions.
  • No, our approach hasn’t changed. We have a good balance between editorial and promotional content, all of which must still adhere to our brand guidelines and mission – to help everyone enjoy good food every day.
  • Good Food is the UK’s No 1 Food Media brand. We’ve been completely owned and run by Immediate Media since it acquired the brands rights from BBC Studios (the commercial arm of the BBC) in 2018. After 35 years of production, we’ll still be making the same trusted quality content we always have.
  • We have 1000s of tried and tested recipes for free on Our premium Good Food app offers a wider range of recipes, along with exclusive content that is only available to subscribers. Our print products will continue to be sold in the same way.
  • It’s very important to us that users can still find the content they need on our website. The domain name is used under licence from BBC Studios and we are clear about this on our site.

Managing My Good Food Account

  • Update your details via the ‘My Account’ area of the app. Login using your email address and password to then manage your personal details, password and newsletter preferences.
  • Forgotten your password? Click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the sign-in form. You will then receive an email with instructions to reset your password. If you’re still experiencing difficulty logging in after doing this, get in touch at
  • Sign in and select ‘Your Profile’ at the top of the page. Then click ‘Settings’ and ‘Change password’.
  • We'll keep your data safe and only use it for the ways you've permitted. Find out how and why by reading our privacy policy. Check out the benefits of having a My Good Food account here.
  • Enable Family Sharing:
    • On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, go to Settings and Tap your name.
    • Tap Family Sharing, then tap Set Up Your Family and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your family and invite your family members. Once set up Family Sharing you will be the “Family Organiser”
    • Note that you will need to ask your family member to enter their Apple ID and password and they will need to enter the two-factor Authentication they received on their iPhone or iPad.
    • Once this is completed, eligible subscriptions will automatically be shared with your family.
    • The Family member can then download the Good Food app.
    • Accept terms and select “Restore Purchase” and download the app
    • The Family member will see the shared subscription under “Shared with your Family”
    • If you need further assistance, contact Apple Support

About my Good Food app subscription

  • Follow these simple steps to subscribe to the Good Food app:
    1. Visit the app store on your mobile device
    2. Choose the Good Food app and download it
    3. Select your subscription terms
    4. Create an account by entering your email address and password
    5. Enter your payment details
    6. Enjoy your fantastic benefits
  • We currently accept Mastercard, Visa debit and American Express card payment.
  • No, unfortunately purchases cannot be transferred between iTunes/App Store to an Android device, or vice versa, because Apple and Google use different systems to deliver their products.
  • Apple: For subscriptions purchased on an iPad, you’ll need to download the app on the iPhone using the same Apple ID. You will be given access to any purchases made under that account. Android: For subscriptions purchased on an Android phone, you’ll need to download the app on your Android tablet using the same Google Account. You will be given access to any purchases made under that account. Please note, you may need to Restore Purchases.
  • Find out how apps, content and subscriptions from Apple are billed here. For subscriptions and payments on Google Play, you can view more information here.
  • Yes, the Good Food app is available to our non-UK audience.
  • Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled.
  • Please get in touch with our friendly team at
  • You can rate the app and give your valuable feedback by tapping ‘Settings’. From there, you can then tap ‘Rate the app’ and choose a star rating out of 5, and ‘Send feedback’ via email. You can also give feedback by searching for the Good Food app in your app store and writing a review in the Ratings & Reviews section. iOS
    1. Tap on the App Store Icon
    2. Tap in Search
    3. Type in “Good Food” to search for the Good Food app
    4. Scroll to the app you want to rate and tap on that app’s name
    5. Scroll down to the “Ratings and Reviews” section
    6. Tap on a star rating
    7. Tap on “Write a Review”
    Google Play
    1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app.
    2. Browse or search for the app that you want to review.
    3. Find and select the app to open the detail page.
    4. Scroll until you get to the reviews section.
    5. Select the number of stars. You can also tap Write a Review.
    6. Follow the onscreen instructions to write a review and add details.
    7. Tap Post.
  • If you experience any technical issues whilst using the Good Food app, please contact our friendly support team at They’ll do their best to get back to you quickly.