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Dream dinner guests


David Attenborough topped a recent poll - if you could invite anyone to your dinner party, who would you choose?

If you could pick anyone and I mean anyone to join you at your dinner party, who would it be? Would you choose an entertainer, an intellectual or someone you could stare at dreamily across the table?


Topping the polls in a study by YouGov as commissioned by Cancer Research UK for their Dine@Mine campaign, brains won over brawn and banter as Sir David Attenborough was picked for most desirable dinner guest.

Portrait of Gordon Ramsay

Joint second place went to Gordon Ramsay, along with Kylie, Baroness Thatcher and JK Rowling. Certainly a mixed bag: some of whom I'd consider leaving on the doorstep, dependent of course, on the size of gift.

The remaining top five went as follows:
3) Will Smith and Sir Winston Churchill (joint)
4) Nelson Mandela and Nigella Lawson (joint)
5) Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie (joint)

Clearly some people forgot to mention Angelina Jolie's other half (how rude) - he'd certainly get a place at my table next to the host (me). And for equally superficial reasons, Josh Lucas would be invited.

The Dalai Lama could probably teach myself and other guests more about life in an evening than the whole of the self help and psychologies section on Amazon so I'd get him along.

Jamie Oliver

Dolly Parton would be there to add a bit of sparkle (I was brought up by an avid line dancer, ok?), along with a few literary types including Alice Waters and John Betjeman. Finally, Russell Brand would be allowed in if he promised to keep his hair at a safe distance from the food (lovingly prepared by Jamie Oliver).


Who would make up your dream dinner party guest list?

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