Shopping list – frequently asked questions

    Learn more about the updated BBC Good Food shopping list functionality.

    Where’s my shopping list?

    We use partners to power our shopping tools on and we have now switched to a new company. With our new partner, Whisk, the shopping list will work in a different way and is not accessible via this link anymore. The new shopping list will give you the option of saving your list for accessing later.

    Why haven't my recipes been moved to the new shopping list?

    With the previous implementation, we used cookies to remember which recipes were added to the shopping list. The cookies were set on your device and we had no way of identifying those recipes to move across.

    How and where do I build a new shopping list?

    To start creating your shopping list, you have to use the shopping tools widget present on every recipe. 

    The widget looks like this:

    Screenshot of BBC Good Food shopping tool

    Can I save the new shopping list?

    Yes, you can save your shopping list by signing in with Whisk, the company that powers our shopping tools. However, you cannot save your shopping list on in this first version of the functionality. 

    If you have any questions about our updated shopping list functionality, please contact us on

    Comments, questions and tips

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    26th Jun, 2017
    The new shopping list app is really disappointing. It's really not user friendly. I actually use the shopping list to shop in real time! A huge amount of the ingredients add to the miscellaneous section at the bottom. You can't double recipes to cook for four (if recipe is only for 2). You have to go out and back in to tick things off and it also doesn't name all the recipes. The old system may not have been perfect, but it was a better. A lot better.
    23rd Jun, 2017
    Does not work! Absolutely rubbish! How unprofessional of BBC Good Food to work with useless partners... Makes you wonder what kind of people are in charge
    23rd Jun, 2017
    What did happen to the old shopping list? The new doesn't really work properly at this point: I saved the list yesterday, but I can find only part of it now. I sent it to myself, but still I'd like to order out of it now and I'll have to start from scratch. Also, how can I just export it as a txt file? The previous one was working fine for me.
    20th Jun, 2017
    So when I click the shopping list link in the upper right hand corner of the page, it brings me to this page, and then there's no actual link to my shopping list... can you please update this page so that we can more easily access an already saved shopping list? Thank you.
    18th Jun, 2017
    Sorry but this is rubbish
    15th Jun, 2017
    I cannot find this 'widget' anywhere on a recipe
    16th Jun, 2017
    Me either
    26th Jun, 2017
    How can I automatically convert from metric to US.
    15th Jun, 2017
    The implementation of the widget is obviously not supported by all browsers for this reason you need to say in your above text which browsers and which operating system are supported. Very quickly I saw that Firefox shows no widget on every recipe in contrast to Chrome and Safari.