Shopping list – frequently asked questions

    Learn more about the updated BBC Good Food shopping list functionality.

    Where’s my shopping list?

    We use partners to power our shopping tools on and we have now switched to a new company. With our new partner, Whisk, the shopping list will work in a different way and is not accessible via this link anymore. The new shopping list will give you the option of saving your list for accessing later.

    Why haven't my recipes been moved to the new shopping list?

    With the previous implementation, we used cookies to remember which recipes were added to the shopping list. The cookies were set on your device and we had no way of identifying those recipes to move across.

    How and where do I build a new shopping list?

    To start creating your shopping list, you have to use the shopping tools widget present on every recipe. 

    The widget looks like this:

    Screenshot of BBC Good Food shopping tool

    Can I save the new shopping list?

    Yes, you can save your shopping list by signing in with Whisk, the company that powers our shopping tools. However, you cannot save your shopping list on in this first version of the functionality. 

    If you have any questions about our updated shopping list functionality, please contact us on

    Comments, questions and tips

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    18th Sep, 2017
    Bring back the old list, this new one is terrible.
    5th Sep, 2017
    This Whisk thing is so bad im not going to use your site. At point of throwing laptop out window im so fed up.
    29th Aug, 2017
    Whisk is rubbish. I would prefer to save my shopping list to my I phone.
    16th Aug, 2017
    How rubbish is Whisk? You can't double recipes and the items it selects for online grocery shopping are ridiculous - for example tinned spaghetti hoops when spaghetti pasta is on the list. Any recommendation of recipe sites with a decent shopping list?
    26th Aug, 2017
    I use AnyList, the basics are free, you can cut and paste recipes or add them manually. You generate a shopping list from your recipes. Print or take on your phone. If you pay the small fee you can add prices and get a meal planner. It is useful for other lists packing etc. I have a master grocery/household list and one for each shop. I also have one for "Town" for when I go to town centre or outdoor market.
    10th Sep, 2017
    Thank you, I will check it out.
    Juicy Lucy
    15th Aug, 2017
    I like pepperplate as a shopping list, look at the reviews - google "meal planner tools" and see what is there. I import my recipes to here and then the pepperplate allows me to plan my meals and add to my shopping list, it adds more than one recipe and combines ingredients, I love it! All that is missing is the calorie and nutritional information but I import that in my recipe by cutting and pasting, its quicker and easier than you would think but it is an american based meal planner, it seems to convert cilantro to coriander easily
    13th Aug, 2017
    The Whisk shopping list is classed by 'Whisk' as a success story. I hate to think what they think going wrong looks like ! - Any one found an alternative that works ?
    29th Jul, 2017
    WHy do you have a link for shopping list at the top left corner, but when I click it you have a note saying, that shopping list is not available via this link anymore. Remove the link please so as not to have this time wasting on clicking and searching for shopping list! Also I cannot seem to find the hopping list now.. why do you have to overcomplicate all this stuff, why can't it be much simpler to find things in here..
    28th Jul, 2017
    I do not like the Whisk shopping list. It is not as easy to use as the previous shopping list. I cannot add more than one incident of a recipe if I am trying to scale up for more portions, swapping items is laborious, and the layout is not helpful or intuitive. Also, it appears that you cannot view your current shopping list from the home page; you must first search for a recipe. I would much prefer to use the previous iteration of the shopping list.


    10th Sep, 2017
    Can you please go back to the other shopping list generator? Whisk is rubbish and not fit for purpose.
    3rd Sep, 2017
    Is there any problem eating raw chia?
    goodfoodteam's picture
    6th Sep, 2017
    Thanks for your question. No, it's fine to eat them as they come.
    26th Jun, 2017
    How can I automatically convert from metric to US.
    goodfoodteam's picture
    28th Jun, 2017
    Thanks for your email. We're sorry to say we don't offer the ability to do this on the site at the moment. You'll need to find an online converter to change the recipes.
    15th Jun, 2017
    The implementation of the widget is obviously not supported by all browsers for this reason you need to say in your above text which browsers and which operating system are supported. Very quickly I saw that Firefox shows no widget on every recipe in contrast to Chrome and Safari.