Healthy Diet Plan Summer 2016 – recipes

    All the delicious and nutritious recipes for our latest 7-day Healthy Diet Plan - plus a handy chart so you can see at a glance what to eat every day.

    Healthy Diet Plan Summer 2016 – recipes

    Getting started...

    Our latest Healthy Diet Plan is packed with nutritious, delicious, cost-conscious recipes and expert tips that will help you to look and feel great.

    Each day provides more than five of your five-a-day and keeps within the recommended Reference Intakes (RI) for fats, protein, sugar, salt and calories, and follows the latest guidance on your intake of ‘free’ sugars. However, if you want to swap or repeat days, you’ll still reap all the benefits of eating whole, unprocessed, nourishing foods.

    For those of you who want to lose weight, the daily calorie count of up to 1,500 kcals will help you reach your goal. However, if you’re already at a healthy weight or are particularly active, our healthy snacks can fill any hungry gaps.

    What to eat when...

    The recipes

    We've got breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for 7 days, and each recipe serves two - although they can be easily scaled up or down to suit your family. If you're vegetarian or would rather cut out the meat, we have a vegetarian plan just for you.

    We've also got a handy shopping list so you can buy everything you need in one weekly shop - just remember to check the packets for sell-by dates, to make sure they'll last until the end of the week.


    Almond crêpes with avocado & nectarines 
    Why it's good for you...
    These simple crêpes will keep you going all morning, yet they’re gluten-free and low in carbs. Pomegranate seeds don’t just add an extra visual flourish, they contain protective antioxidants including vitamin C.


    Orange & blueberry Bircher
    Why it's good for you...
    Citrus fruits like oranges are rich in collagen-supportive vitamin C, and are great for promoting skin health and elasticity, while oats are a good source of silica for strong, shiny hair. Save time by making double and keeping in the fridge to enjoy over two days. Blueberries are rich in protective anthocyanins, which are brain-friendly, helping to maintain memory and function.

    Basil scramble with wilted spinach & seared tomatoes
    Why it's good for you...
    Forget toast and serve our scramble with tomatoes and spinach for a speedy, supercharged breakfast. Spinach is bursting with nutrients that are important for our skin, hair and bone health. Eggs are great value for money, too – a fabulous source of cheap protein.

    Berry Bircher
    Why it's good for you...
    Soaking oats and seeds overnight makes them easier to digest. This, consumed with fruit, adds up to a fabulously nutritious start to the day with all the right kind of fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals.




    Wild salmon veggie bowl
    Why it's good for you...
    Succulent salmon flaked over a bed of healthy vegetables makes for a delicious, protein-packed salad. Salmon is one of the oily varieties of fish that supplies beneficial omega-3 fats, which help alleviate inflammatory conditions and reduce the risk of heart problems.

    Feta frittatas with carrot & celery salad
    Why it's good for you...
    Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which our bodies convert to immune-supporting vitamin A. Combining carrots with foods naturally rich in fats, like eggs and cheese, helps us to asborb this vitamin. Spinach is rich in lutein, which is good for eye health. Tahini is a great way to top up levels of calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

    Niçoise chicken salad
    Why it's good for you...
    We’ve given the usual tuna Niçoise a twist by using chicken, a lean meat that makes a filling substitute. Chicken is a useful source of the amino acid, tryptophan, which helps us cope with stress and lifts mood.


    Lemon roast vegetables with yogurt tahini & pomegranate
    Why it's good for you...
    Tahini is made from sesame seeds and is naturally high in fats – the majority of which are heart-friendly. Save time and prep this lunch the night before, then layer together in a Tupperware and store in the fridge.


    Summer carrot, tarragon & white bean soup
    Why it's good for you...
    A bowl of this soup will supply your body with the fibre needed for a healthy gut. Eat half and freeze the rest, or enjoy on two days if you're following the veggie diet plan.




    Creamy chicken & asparagus braise
    Why it's good for you...
    Asparagus is richer in heart-friendly folate than broccoli, and supplies chromium, which helps balance our blood sugar levels. Peas are a useful source of iron and fibre, including soluble fibre, which helps regulate cholesterol levels. These are a freezer favourite – frozen peas are often nutritionally richer than their fresh alternative.

    Smoked paprika paella with cod & peas
    Why it's good for you...
    Cod is an excellent source of stress-busting B vitamins and magnesium. Using brown rice instead of refined white rice lowers the overall GI of the dish, and helps to keep you fuller for longer.


    Sweet potato jackets with guacamole & kidney beans 
    Why it's good for you...
    Unlike regular potatoes, sweet potatoes count as one of your five-a-day. They also contain beta-carotene, a protective antioxidant. Although naturally sweet-tasting, they don’t disrupt blood sugar levels. Avocados supply more potassium than bananas. This, plus their rich mono-unsaturated fat content, makes them superhealthy for the heart.

    Moroccan harira
    Why it's good for you...
    This vegetarian version of the classic Moroccan soup contains turmeric, which is good for heart and brain health, and inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Cumin improves blood circulation, while cinnamon is a digestive aid and helps regulate blood sugar levels. This one-pot makes enough for two meals this week. Adding the coriander after cooking helps protect its beneficial oils and flavour.

    Meatballs with fennel & balsamic beans & courgette noodles
    Why it's good for you...
    Rich in potassium, courgettes are used instead of pasta here as a delicious, gluten-free alternative. Potassium helps to lower blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart rate.



    A few notes on our recipes...

    Choosing the right fats
    Don’t be afraid to eat some fat – it's essential to good health because it helps your body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins like A and D. We’ve used rapeseed oil because the cold-pressed version has just 7% saturated fat (compared to 52% in butter), and it supplies more of the heart-healthy omega-3 fats than olive oil. Rapeseed oil is a great source of immune-supportive vitamin E – invaluable for a youthful appearance because it helps protect and repair skin cells. Our plan also includes oily fish such as wild salmon, as well as nuts, seeds and avocado.

    Prepping pulses...

    We use canned beans and pulses, preparing from dried is even better, if you have time. To do this, soak them in water overnight and allow a slightly longer cooking time. Alternatively, you can use fresh rather than canned ingredients. As an example, use the same weight fresh to canned tomatoes and top up with a little extra water.

    A note on eggs
    Many people shy away from eating eggs on a regular basis, but the latest scientific evidence has proven that eating them as part of a healthy, balanced diet is beneficial for most of us. Eggs are a valuable source of vitamin D, needed for strong bones and teeth, as well as B vitamins and trace minerals, which are important for a healthy nervous system.

    Please email any questions about the recipes to and we'll do our best to help.

    All health content from BBC Good Food is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional. Any healthy diet plan featured by BBC Good Food is provided as a suggestion of a general balanced diet and should not be relied upon to meet specific dietary requirements. If you have any concerns about your general health, you should contact your local health care provider.

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    25th Aug, 2016
    Thank you Good Food. With my husband, we have followed this diet for two weeks, my husband has lost 9 lbs and I have lost 7 lbs. We have really enjoyed the meals, they are all delicious, our favourites are the vegetable soup and the moroccan harira, although I am spending more time in the kitchen and at the supermarket! We also love the new way of eating oats. I do have a small heart problem, and I am sure that our new way of eating will help to delay any further problems. Thank you again, I am an avid Good Foodie! Gisella Parkes
    6th Jul, 2016
    Lunches are out. I can't cook in my car
    crosscultural cook's picture
    crosscultural cook
    23rd Jun, 2016
    Due to advertising this is not an easy site to use. Would very much like a Shopping List that was easily accessed without adding another recipe to the saved items. Still, I like the actual recipes and will be trying this...even if I don't go on this site more than once a week due to how slow it is even on our fast broadband. Thank you for the meal plan!
    19th Jul, 2016
    or just open up the recipes and click the 'my shopping list' button, and it adds to one that you can then use at your supermarket of choice
    29th Jun, 2016
    There is a full shopping list
    22nd Jun, 2016
    With all the wonderful recipes that could be created why all the repeats? 3 x berry bircher, 2 x nicoise chicken salad, 2 x meatballs, 2 x Moroccan harira. Not impressed!
    21st Jun, 2016
    Same wish from me as well. i wish I could generate a shopping list directly for this weekly plan, since many people do the groceries weekly in many countries. It would be such a delight.
    29th Jun, 2016
    21st Jun, 2016
    looks amazing. Looking forward to apply it!
    9th Jun, 2016
    I'm a little disappointed by the lunch options. Having to prepare two meals every night so I can take something else to work is a lot of effort, and I simply haven't got space for more than one small tupperware pot in the shared fridge, so it would have to be fritatta salad, not fritatta and salad (and let's be honest, nothing is going to stay layered during a commute no matter how carefully you pack the tub). I'm always surprised how many plans like this don't stick to one pot dishes and leftovers for lunch: or just healthier sandwiches! It's a stumbling block before you even start.
    18th Jul, 2016
    Are these meals freezable, so I can prep on Sunday and defrost to eat during the week?
    goodfoodteam's picture
    2nd Aug, 2016
    Thanks for your question. If a recipe is freezable it will be indictaed on the recipe card near the image of the dish. Most of these meals can be made one or two days in advance and stored in the fridge if you're looking to get ahead.Many thanks,The Good Food team
    10th Jun, 2016
    Can I save the complete plan to Mygoodfood or do I have to save each individual recipe separately?
    goodfoodteam's picture
    20th Jun, 2016
    Hi there, thanks for your question. Unfortutanely this functionality isn't currently available but we are continuously looking at how we can improve our user experience and will take your comments on board.Many thanks,The Good Food team  
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