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5 ways to serve fish like a fishmonger

Discover how to prepare these popular fish and sauce pairings with help from the Market Street fishmongers at Morrisons

Fish is a staple of many of our weekly meal plans here in the UK, as it’s delicious, nutritious, versatile and ideal for quick and easy meals. Naturally, it’s always more convenient to buy fish that’s been prepared for you – and that’s where the skilled Market Street fishmongers at Morrisons come in. Every day, they skin, fillet and de-bone hundreds of fresh fish at their counters in stores across the country for you to enjoy.

And if you’re ever unsure how to cook or serve any of the fish you buy, you can always head down to your local Morrisons to ask the fishmongers for their expert advice. Read on to discover their top serving recommendations for these Market Street fish favourites.

Cod and parsley sauce

1. Cod and parsley sauce

A true British classic, you’ve probably grown up eating flaky cod fillets drenched in creamy parsley sauce. This pairing comes together in no time, as you only need to fry your Market Street cod fillets in hot oil for around two or three minutes on each side until golden brown and cooked through. Meanwhile, the parsley sauce is just a traditional white sauce made from butter, flour and milk, with the addition of fresh parsley, English mustard and lemon, if you like.

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Salmon with miso glaze

2. Salmon with miso glaze

If you’ve ever tried miso-glazed salmon, you’ll know how perfectly the rich, fatty fish pairs with the punchy umami flavours in the glaze. The latter can be made by combining equal parts white miso paste, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce in a bowl, then brushing it onto your Market Street salmon fillets prior to cooking. It’s best to cook the glazed fish under the grill or in the air fryer, as this will keep your salmon soft and succulent with beautifully crispy edges.

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Smoked haddock and hollandaise

3. Smoked haddock and hollandaise

The smoky, salty flavour of smoked haddock tastes even better with a buttery hollandaise. To make the sauce, whisk a few egg yolks with a little white wine vinegar in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Once pale and foamy, remove from the heat and gradually whisk in some melted butter until you have a thick, creamy sauce, then season with salt, freshly ground black pepper and lemon juice. After that, cook your Market Street smoked haddock fillets however you like – whether that’s pan-fried, poached or baked.

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Sea bass with lemon and caper butter

4. Sea bass with lemon and caper butter

Sea bass has a delicate, mild flavour that can easily be enhanced by pan-frying it in olive oil and pairing it with a simple butter sauce. Fry your Market Street sea bass fillets for a few minutes on each side to achieve a lovely golden crispiness that works brilliantly with butter. To keep things super easy, just melt your butter in a pan, before adding lemon juice, garlic and capers, then drizzle it all over your fish to add an extra burst of flavour with only a few ingredients.

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Monkfish in tomato sauce

5. Monkfish in tomato sauce

Next time you want a hearty fish dish, try cooking a firm, meaty piece of monkfish in a rich tomato sauce. Whip up the sauce by frying some shallots with plenty of sliced garlic and chilli, if you like, then add some chopped tomatoes, black olives, fresh herbs and a big pinch of salt, and simmer until it thickens. While that’s cooking, pan-fry a couple of Market Street monkfish tails – or if you’d prefer, wrap them in foil and bake them in the oven – and serve on top of the sauce for a quick, comforting dinner.

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