How to make caramel

We show you how to make delicious, sweet caramel quickly and safely and then how to use it in crunchy nut brittle.

Points to remember

  • Oil a baking sheet and palette knife.
  • Place caster sugar in a dry frying pan.
  • Heat over a high heat to dissolve the sugar. Try not to stir the sugar just tilt the pan carefully to move it around.
  • Allow the mixture to dissolve completely and turn to a deep caramel, swirling the pan as you go.
  • If making a brittle, add nuts and swirl them around in the pan to coat them.
  • Tip the caramel/brittle out onto the prepared baking tray.
  • Brittle can be broken into shards or blitzed into a dust to sprinkle over desserts.
  • To clean a caramel pan, simmer water in it until all the caramel has dissolved then wash as normal.