• Wide colour range available
  • Fully recyclable packaging
  • Compact footprint


  • Difficult to store

Our Place has finally launched its viral air-fryer in the UK. The long anticipated Wonder Oven is now available online, as well as in store at Selfridges.


Priced at £195, this air-fryer boasts multi-functional use including bake and roast. The brand's signature design is extended to its first foray into the world of appliances, with a cute design and range of colours on offer. This is an appliance that's designed to live on the countertop, with a viewing window in the front so you can see your food cooking.

There are also lots of innovative features in the six-in-one appliance. You can add water to the top of the oven to help ensure that your food doesn't dry out.

Read on for our first impressions of the Our Place Wonder Oven.

Unboxing the Our Place Wonder Oven

Our Place Wonder Oven release

Here at Good Food we've tested a number of products by Our Place and the unboxing experience is always an enjoyable one – the Wonder Oven was no exception. A masterclass in recyclable packaging, the only plastic was in the form of a bag around the main body of the machine which is compostable. Every other element was protected using either paper or cardboard.

Inside the oven are the spare trays as well as the user manual. We're really impressed with the look and feel of the product, which is lightweight without feeling flimsy. While the cutesy look might not be to everyone's taste, we think the combination of the minimalist control panel and attractive colours means it will look great on a kitchen countertop.

What colours does the Our Place Wonder Oven come in?

Our Place Wonder Oven three colours

Our Place is known for its bright, trendy colours when it comes to its cookware and the Wonder Oven is no different.

At the moment the Wonder Oven is available in Steam (a creamy off-white), Char (a dark grey) and Blue Salt (a deep blue).

For a limited time the Wonder Oven is also available in the popular Spice colour, which is a muted terracotta pink and would add a perfect pop of colour to any kitchen.

Our Place Wonder Oven design, features and use

Our Place Wonder Oven UK release

The Wonder Oven has three dials controlling temperature, setting and time. The temperature goes up to 230C, with a timer that can be set for up to an hour. The cooking functions available are:

  • Air-fry
  • Bake
  • Grill
  • Reheat
  • Roast
  • Toast

There is some guidance on the appliance around using some of the settings – for example, Toast needs to be set to 230C.

Also included in the box are a number of accessories in typical Our Place fashion. These include a non-stick baking tray, air-fryer basket and wire rack.

Is the Our Place Wonder Oven an air-fryer?

The short answer is, yes, the Wonder Oven is marketed as an air-fryer, although its other functions make it a versatile piece of kit. It is closer in design to oven-style air-fryers rather than models that have drawers and this means it has a greater capacity, with room for a whole chicken or to air-fry several dishes at once using the different trays.

It is worth bearing in mind that if you're cooking several ingredients at the same time these will have to cook at the same temperature, much like if using a conventional oven, unlike in most dual-zone air-fryers where you can programme the two drawers to different temperatures.

Can the Our Place Wonder Oven be used as a microwave?

The Our Place Wonder Oven can't be used as a microwave. It uses heat in the same way as an oven or an air-fryer, rather than using microwaves to heat up or cook food. However, this doesn't mean it can't be used for many of the same cooking and reheating functions where you might use a microwave.

The oven does have a reheat setting, which combined with the steam infusion technology should mean that food doesn't dry out.

When is the Our Place Wonder Oven being released in the UK?

Our Place Wonder Oven cookies

The Our Place Wonder Oven is being released on 4 June in the UK. After its release in the USA last year this has been much anticipated and the brand is warning that there is limited stock available.

With many previous releases from Our Place seeing products sell out in a matter of days, if you want to get your hands on the Our Place Wonder Oven we'd recommend acting fast to avoid being disappointed.


Available from Our Place (£195), Selfridges (£195)