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Top kitchen gadgets to give this Christmas


Looking for something special to give your foodie fanatic friend this Christmas? Here's our pick of gourmet gadgets...

A cooking enthusiast will always appreciate receiving a good piece of apparatus. Choose a kitchen gift from our top picks, selected by resident shopper and kitchen gadget tester, Sarah Sysum.



Magimix 5200XL Premium BlenderMix food processor

I'm not going to pretend this isn't expensive but if you have a budding cook in the family this is the present that will, with care, see them through decades of cooking. It has everything you need in the kitchen, whether you're making dough or blending a smoothie plus all the usual grating and slicing discs. It also now comes in a range of bright colours. What's not to love?

£369.95, John Lewis

Shopping list

SmartShopper grocery list organizer

Nattily called the 'SmartShopper SS-301', this is an electronic device that allows shopping lists to be made with the touch of a button. Simply press record and say the name of the item you want to add (it uses voice recognition software). When it's time to hit the shops, press print and it produces a by aisle shopping list. There's yet to be a UK-only version so you can't go asking it for courgettes, but generally it knows what you're talking about. It can even keep two separate shopping lists simultaneously, plus you're able to flag items for which you have coupons.

$149.95/£94 SmartShopper USA


Elevate large food tongs

I've only recently got into tongs and, coordination not being my strong point, I found them difficult to control. I like how easy these tongs are to grip, that they have long arms (to keep you away from the fat) and that they're non-stick and heat resistant up to 24°C (I've melted more than one pair or traditional tongs). However, the winning feature is the innovative weighted handle with an integrated tool rest, which means when you put it down, its head is always raised off of the work surface, so no mess.

£14.00, Debenhams

Bottle opener

Trudeau bottle opener and cap catcher

Messy beer drinker in the family? Hopefully they'll get the message if you give them this. Coming in as my 'why has this never been done before' gift, this is worth it if you don't fancy picking up lots of discarded bottle caps. It not only opens your beer bottles, but also lets them fall into the container below.

£11.99, Drink Stuff

Nice board

Biscuit platter board

I've hankered after this so much it went on my Pinterest wish list board in May. I'm not exactly sure why I like it. I love biscuits so that could be it, but I think it's actually a mix of the design (which makes me smile every time) and the practicality of it. It's chunky without being too heavy despite being oak and you can fit a decent amount of cheese (with biscuits!) on it too.


Mocha cake divider

Klipy cake divider

Squabbles over slice size, be gone! If you are as exacting about portion size as the 'Bakenator' Brendan on the Great British Bake Off, this is the gift to ask for. All you have to do is pop the little divider into the centre of a cake, make the initial cut, then line up the guides according to the amount of equally-sized pieces you want - 6, 8, 10, or 12.


£6.99, Mocha UK

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