The Chocolate Society is based in Somerset and focuses on fresh chocolates. The tempting online shop sells a variety of artisan chocolate bars, chocolate-covered nuts, hot chocolate and an intriguing-sounding 'hot chocolate shaker' alongside the fresh chocolate subscription.


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What is The Chocolate Society subscription?

The Chocolate Society ‘box of the month’ is £22.50, contains 18 fresh chocolates – three each of six different flavours – and is available to buy as a one-off or three-, six- or 12-month subscription.

The flavours for the next month are posted online (when we tested a box, the upcoming flavours included passion fruit pavlova and pecan caramel), so you know what to expect. Boxes are limited, with 1,250 made each month.

What was in The Chocolate Society subscription?

The sleek navy box is beautiful, with a colourful, illustrated key that wraps the box to make identifying the chocolates super-clear.

Our box was breakfast-themed, which is a fun concept that gives some quirky new flavours to try. The truffles all have plain-coloured, rounded chocolate shells in a range of pretty colours – the pink grapefruit has a pink shell, while espresso coffee is glossy dark chocolate.

We enjoy the unusual, fruity strawberry & banana smoothie flavour, which pairs strawberry caramel with banana ganache and white chocolate. The 'bowl of cereal’ flavour puts a cornflake twist on a classic praline, while the peanut butter & jam flavour combines two classic flavours in a blonde chocolate shell.

The six truffle flavours in our box are well-balanced, with two dark, two milk, one white and one blonde chocolate. Our one note is that half of the box contains nutty chocolates, which isn’t to everyone’s taste. The fresh ingredients of the chocolates mean they have a six-week shelf life after production.


This box feels like great value for money at just over £20 for 18 high-quality, handmade artisan chocolates.

We like that the box contains three of each flavour, making it perfect for sharing with the family or after a dinner party, with no fighting over the favourite flavour.

This is a box to look forward to – you'll get excited to see what the next selection of interesting flavours will be. Treat yourself to a subscription or give a one-off box as a charming gift: this is no ordinary box of chocolates.