Swan 20l Nordic digital microwave

Pros: good value, simple-to-use, compact
Cons: very basic, no baked potato preset


Star rating: 3.5/5

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If you're looking for a microwave that will look good on your kitchen counter, is easy and intuitive to use, and is compact enough not to be intrusive, the Swan Nordic microwave is a solid option.

Available in three matte shades (pine green, cotton white and slate grey), its curves, along with wood-effect finishes on the handle and control dial, make this model a clear stand-out in terms of looks.

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With a small footprint, it will fit in the smallest kitchens, although this isn’t ideal for large families.

A soft-touch handle makes for easy opening, and it has tactile buttons which are a welcome change from touch-sensitive panels which can be fiddly.

Eight cooking presets include pizza cooking, popcorn and reheating, although there's no baked potato preset, which feels like an unusual omission for a modern microwave. Despite this, we managed to produce a fluffy, cooked-through potato using the standard microwave setting.

There are five power options, which can be adjusted using the dial in 30-second increments, as well as an express setting for cooking in bursts of 30-90 seconds.

The defrost settings (based on time or weight) results in good, even defrosting, and chicken cooks through quickly – although with no preset, you need to keep an eye out for over-cooking and shrinkage. There’s also a child lock to ward off little hands.

Overall, although this isn't the cheapest basic microwave out there, it surpasses the rest through sheer style, making it a good buy for those who need a simple model, but aren’t keen on inviting a monochrome beast to lurk on their kitchen counter.

Swan Nordic microwave specifications
Capacity: 20l
Wattage: 800w
Dimensions: H257mm, W451mm, D342mm

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